Best Lines on TV This Week (March 10 - 15): 'I Was Feeling Epic'

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Best Lines of the Week
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

“Everybody steals his act?”
Joel: “Yes! No, not steals, borrows. It’s no big deal.”
Midge: “It’s not? When I found out June Friedman used my meatloaf recipe I almost stabbed her in the eye with a fork”

– Mrs. Miriam “Midge” Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) to her husband Joel (Michael Zegen) when he tells her his comedy act is actually Bob Newhart’s.

Feud - Kathy Bates, Catherine Zeta Jones

Feud: Bette and Joan“

Women will do what they always do when they’re cornered: eat their own, and pick their teeth with the bones.”

– Joan Blondell (Kathy Bates) when discussing female feuds in Hollywood.

This Is Us - Milo Ventimiglia
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us

“You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca. You.You were my big break. And our love story, I know it may not feel like it right now, but, baby…I promise, it’s just getting started.”

– Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) final words to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) before he leaves the house.

Trial & Error - Sherri Shepherd
Tyler Golden/NBC

Trial and Error

“I have something called facial amnesia. I can’t recognize anyone by their face. It’s completely blank. Does have its perks. With my husband, it’s like sleeping with a different man every night. I do recognize penises, though.”

– Anne Flatch (Sherri Shepherd) after she meets and then forgets who Josh (Nick D’Agosto) is after meeting him for the first time.


Once Upon a Time

David: “I didn’t realize you were so old fashioned.”
Capt. Hook: “Well, I am over 200-year-old, mate.”

– David (Josh Dallas) is surprised when Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) asks for his blessing to ask for Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) hand in marriage.

The Vampire Diaries - Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

“I was feeling epic.”

– Stefan (Paul Wesley) to Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) after his last words to Elena (Nina Dobrev) before they drive off into the afterlife.

Bates Motel - Freddie Highmore
Cate Cameron/A&E

Bates Motel

Norman: “We all have bad days when we wonder what’s real and not real.”
Madeleine: “Do you have days like that?”
Norman: “Yes. I think it’s the nature of relationships. They shift constantly, change shape sometimes even minute-to-minute. It’s hard to know what’s real at any moment unless it’s right in front of you and you’re experiencing it.”

– Norman (Freddie Highmore) has a very insightful conversation with Madeleine (Isabelle McNally) about reality.

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