Who Will Win ‘American Idol,’ Based on Their Social Followings

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American Idol Instagram
Evelyn Cormier/Alejandro Aranda/Laine Hardy via Instagram
American Idol Instagram Dimitrius Graham
Dimitrius Graham/Instagram

14. Dimitrius Graham

Instagram Followers: 27.3K

American Idol Instagram Riley Thompson
Riley Thompson/Instagram

13. Riley Thompson

Instagram Followers: 41.3K

American Idol Instagram Eddie Island
Eddie Island/Instagram

12. Eddie Island

Instagram Followers:47.2K

American Idol Instagram Uche

11. Uche

Instagram Followers: 47.5K

American Idol Instagram Madison VanDenburg
Madison VanDenburg/Instagram

10. Madison VanDenburg

Instagram Followers: 48.6K

American Idol Instagram Wade Cota
Wade Cota/Instagram

9. Wade Cota

Instagram Followers: 49.1K

American Idol Instagram Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon/Instagram

8. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

Instagram Followers: 55.6K

American Idol Instagram Alyssa Raghu
Alyssa Raghu/Instagram

7. Alyssa Raghu

Instagram Followers: 59.8K

American Idol Instagram Ashley Hess
Ashley Hess/Instagram

6. Ashley Hess

Instagram Followers: 63.7K

American Idol Instagram Walker Burroughs
Walker Burroughs/Instagram

5. Walker Burroughs

Instagram Followers: 70.1K

American Idol Instagram Laci Kaye Booth
Laci Kaye Booth/Instagram

4. Laci Kaye Booth

Instagram Followers: 76K

American Idol Instagram Evelyn Cormier
Evelyn Cormier/Instagram

3. Evelyn Cormier

Instagram Followers: 79.1K

American Idol Instagram Laine Hardy
Laine Hardy/Instagram

2. Laine Hardy

Instagram Followers: 239K

American Idol Instagram Alejandro Aranda
Alejandro Aranda/Instagram

1. Alejandro Aranda

Instagram Followers: 266K

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American Idol‘s Top 14 have been selected and now it’s up to America to vote for their favorites.

But is it going to be a popularity contest? This year’s Idol hopefuls have quite the social media presence which is reflected in their Instagram followings. Could some contestants’ online popularity give them an edge over others?

Only time will tell if their staying power is reflective of those numbers, but until then, we’re taking a look at how they all stack up in an attempt to predict how far they’ll go. Click through the gallery above for the contestants from least to most likely to win, based solely on their current Instagram following (which is always subject to change!).

American Idol, Sundays & Mondays, 8/7c, ABC

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