’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Get to Know the Season 3 Couples (PHOTOS)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Couples

Are you ready for an update on one of your favorite 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples, or perhaps to meet a new one? The spinoff show, The Other Way, is returning for its third season on Sunday, August 29, and TLC has announced which couples are going to be trying to make things work abroad.

The series follows Americans who move to a foreign country for love and see whether or not they can make it work or return to the U.S. brokenhearted. Season 3 will follow two new couples (Steven and Alina, Ellie and Victor), three from Season 2 (Kenneth and Armando, Jenny and Sumit, Ariela and Biniyam), and one from Season 1 (Corey and Evelin). And no matter where they are in their cohabitation, it’s not easy, as you can see in the sneak peek (below).

Who’s planning a big wedding? Whose ex-husband is coming to visit? Who’s ready to leave — and who does leave? And which bride is “legit terrified”? Watch to get a taste of the drama to come:

Scroll down to get the details from TLC on the four returning couples and two new ones joining the hit series.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Season 3 Premiere, Sunday, August 29, 8/7c, TLC (pre-premieres, Fridays, discovery+)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Steven Alina

Steven, 25 (Salt Lake City, Utah) and Alina, 20 (Russia) — New Couple

Steven, a devout Mormon from Utah, is giving up his life in America to be with Alina, a beautiful Russian woman he met a year ago on a language app. When the Russian border closes because of the coronavirus pandemic, Steven and Alina come up with a backup plan to meet up and marry in Turkey instead. Once there, secrets of Steven’s past and Alina’s suspicions of infidelity begin to threaten their future together, and Alina questions if she truly knows the man she’s about to marry.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Ellie Victor

Ellie, 45 (Seattle, Wa.) and Victor, 38 (Colombia) — New Couple

After falling for Victor while on a trip to South America, the lovestruck couple continued their long-distance relationship for two years. Victor lives on a small Colombian island called Providencia, and Ellie has decided it’s time to leave her successful restaurant business and city life in the U.S. for small-town, island living on their little slice of paradise. As she prepares to move, the couple’s issues with trust, cheating and financial concerns are dwarfed when devastating Hurricane Iota passes over the island of Providencia, leaving behind unimaginable destruction. Ellie loses communication with Victor the night before the storm, and after days of silence, she travels to the island, distraught and desperate to locate him.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Kenny Armando

Kenneth, 58 (St. Petersburg, Fla.) and Armando, 32 (Mexico) — Returning Couple from Season 2

Now that Kenny has moved to Mexico and proposed to Armando, they are ready to dive into planning their beautiful wedding. Armando wants to spare no expense, but Kenny is nervous about how much this wedding is going to cost. One thing they agree on, however, is their concern over whether Armando’s family will support them as a gay couple and attend their wedding. First, Armando must open up to his father about his engagement to Kenny. Meanwhile, Kenny and Armando begin to plan long-term. As Kenny grapples with the guilt of missing his children in Florida, Armando brings up the topic of giving Hannah a younger sibling. This opens up a complicated debate over whether they both agree on expanding their family, when and how, via adoption or surrogacy.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Jenny Sumit

Jenny, 63 (Palm Springs, Ca.) and Sumit, 33 (India) — Returning Couple from Season 2

After moving to India and back several times in the wake of extreme relationship challenges, Jenny is now a year into living in India and is losing hope over whether she will ever get to marry Sumit. Her visa has been extended due to the pandemic, but knowing that can’t last forever leads the couple to consider how else Jenny might be able to stay in the country. Ultimately, however, Sumit continues to push for his parents’ approval to marry, and a surprising solution is presented: Sumit’s mother offers to move in with them in order to train Jenny to become more of a traditional Indian daughter-in-law.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Ari Biniyam

Ariela, 29 (Princeton, N.J.) and Biniyam, 31 (Ethiopia) — Returning Couple from Season 2

Eight months after the birth of their son, Avi, Ari and Bini are still living together in Ethiopia. Their baby bliss is quickly interrupted when Ari shares the news that Leandro, her ex-husband of ten years, has decided to come visit. With their relationship already on shaky ground, Biniyam is convinced that Leandro is only visiting to try and win Ariela back. Then, during a routine pediatrician appointment, Ari and Bini learn that Avi needs hernia surgery. Ari decides that taking Avi to the U.S. to receive medical care is the best option, despite Bini begging her not to go for fear of her never returning, just as his first wife did with their young child. As their disagreements get more and more heated, Ari gives Bini a final ultimatum to save their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 Corey Evelin

Corey, 34 (Mill A, Wa.) and Evelin, 28 (Ecuador) — Returning Couple from Season 1

With the coronavirus lockdown in Ecuador lifted, Corey and Evelin can finally start planning their wedding. However, things between the couple are extremely rocky after Corey admitted that he almost hooked up with another woman in Peru while he and Evelin were on a break. The truth about this other woman is much more involved than Corey lets on, but he’s not the only one keeping secrets. As Evelin’s family urges her to reconsider marrying Corey, she drops a huge bombshell.