‘90 Day Fiancé’ Cast on What Is & Isn’t Real When the Cameras Are Rolling (PHOTOS)

Kenneth + Armando_90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way_TLC

It’s never clear what’s real and what isn’t when watching reality TV. While story lines follow actual lives, how many scenes and situations are played up for the cameras?

TLC hit franchise 90 Day Fiancé has proven to be a bingeable juggernaut of drama, heartbreak, and of course, happily ever afters. While real families have been built, and plenty of painful break-ups have gone down, not everything that happens happens organically. So, what do 90 Day alums from its different shows have to say about filming?

'90 Day Fiancé': Which Couples Are Still Together?See Also

'90 Day Fiancé': Which Couples Are Still Together?

In the wake of Season 4 couple Jorge and Anfisa's divorce, let's catch up with the TLC show's other stars.

From behind-the-scenes gossip to after-show confessions, the gallery below is a peek behind the curtain as these 14 reality stars come clean about the onscreen K-1 visa process — including when moments accused of being staged were actually real life.

90 Day Fiancé, Colt & Larissa

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa Dos Santos Lima, who caused a stir on Season 6 when she butt heads with husband Colt Johnson’s overbearing mother, Debbie, blames the show for her plastic surgery. After divorcing Johnson, Brazilian-born Larissa appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with new love Eric Nichols. Cameras captured Larissa’s extensive plastic surgery, but when her decision to start a risqué OnlyFans and CamSoda accounts resulted in her dismissal from the 90 Day franchise, she retaliated by claiming that going under the knife for “the surgery thing” was encouraged by the series “to get people talking about it.”

90 Day Fiancé, Ashley & Jay

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson

Jay Smith moved from Port Maria, Jamaica to be with fiancé Ashley Martson in Pennsylvania during Season 6. Audiences were shocked when Jay supposedly cheated on Ashley with a woman he met via Tinder. But Jay maintains that his infidelity was solely for the cameras. “It was just an act so it was easy to move [past it] because you know, we just act on the TV,” Jay toldIn Touch in February 2020. Seems that Ashley wasn’t totally in on the joke: She filed for divorce (twice!), citing “adultery” as the reason.

Ashley herself similarly opened up to In Touchin August 2019, explaining that storylines are edited. “We sign off on that so it is what it is,” Ashley summarized.

Deavan + Jihoon_90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way_TLC

Deavan Clegg

Utah native Deavan Clegg wed Jihoon Lee, and moved to Korea to start their lives together on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. After welcoming son Taeyang and struggling with life abroad, Deavan separated from Jihoon. She’s since moved on with Korean actor Topher Park, but with cheating allegations swirling, it’s clear Deavan does not look back fondly on her 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way experience. “Not stating a certain show but you guys are aware that MOST reality tv shows are fake and either scripted or edited to match a storyline that storyboard teams put together before filming,” Deavan told her followers on Instagram.

Avery & Ash_Before the 90 Days_TLC

Avery Warner

The Before the 90 Days star called it quits with controversial Australian beau Ash Naeck, but Avery Warner had more to say after the cameras stopped rolling. “I encourage everyone not to get so caught up with any kind of TV show as the truth,” Avery wrote to fans on Instagram. “It’s not worth it lol, it’s all very constructed.” Avery has since appeared on various 90 Day spinoffs.

Michael + Juliana 90 Day Fiancé

Michael Jessen

Connecticut resident Michael Jessen found love with Brazilian model Juliana Custodio. The fan favorite couple grappled with their age difference and deciding on a prenuptial agreement prior to tying the knot. Yet Michael was less than pleased with how their negotiations with a family attorney were portrayed. “This is the biggest bunch of manufactured bulls**t,” Michael wrote on Instagram. “Shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC.”

Michael later clarified his comments on Instagram Live, saying “a lot of liberties [are] taken in the filming of this and that’s all well and good and it’s fun and games.”

Rebecca and Zied, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8

Rebecca Parrott

Woodstock, Georgia-based Rebecca Parrott got engaged to her younger Tunisian boyfriend Zied Hakimi during Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The couple returned for Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé to tie the knot in the U.S., yet Zied had an intense road to obtaining the K-1 visa. Rebecca responded to viewers’ claims that her anxiety was just for the cameras via Instagram. “Everyone saying the embassy taking Zied’s passport and us not knowing if it was approved was staged or fake…it 100% was not,” she wrote on Instagram Stories in December 2020. “The scene was real. We were very confused as we both expected an answer immediately.” The former private investigator also is known for calling out costars’ false claims.

90 Day Fiancé, Jason & Cássia

Cássia Tavares

While audiences may not remember Brazilian beauty Cássia Tavares from Season 2, the outspoken alum told her Instagram followers about her time on 90 Day Fiancé. Cássia divorced ex-husband Jason Hitch after marrying the Florida native on the series, but shared that the network does “produce” certain elements of the show, per In Touch. Cássia cited that producers asked her to take a pregnancy test on-camera for dramatic effect, even though the cast member knew she wasn’t pregnant.

Kenneth + Armando_90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way_TLC

Kenneth Neidermeier

During Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Florida resident Kenneth Neidermeier relocated to Mexico to be with his fiancé, Armando Rubio. The couple had to petition their marriage license denial before tying the knot after the Human Rights committee stepped in. While some viewers criticized the couple for “not doing their research” ahead of applying for a license, Kenneth took to Instagram to deny allegations that their legal fight to wed was scripted. “We are not actors and nothing was scripted,” Kenneth stated. “It’s clear in the scenes if you watch clearly and without judgment.” Fan favorites Kenneth and Armando are now living their happily ever together in Mexico with daughter Hannah.

90DAY gallery emily sasha

Emily Larina

One of the most uncomfortable relationships to watch in 90 Day history was between Russian fitness trainer Sasha Larin and Oregon native Emily Larina. Between Sasha voicing his doubts over getting married for a third time, to Emily struggling by herself to parent their newborn son, fans cringed at their controlling and dysfunctional dynamic. To top it off, Sasha repeatedly insulted Emily’s sister over her appearance.

Emily took to Instagram in February 2020 to voice her side of the story. “For a while, I was disappointed that the world didn’t get to meet the Sasha I know,” Emily captioned. “I’ve come to terms with everything. I’ll keep the real [Sasha] to myself.”

Varya + Geoffrey Before the 90Days TLC

Varya Malina

Russian radio DJ Varya Malin promises that her 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days drama with fiancé Geoffrey Paschel was real. After Varya originally turned down Geoffrey’s proposal, she surprised him at his home in Knoxville, Tennessee, while Geoffrey was dating someone else. Varya described the tense scene of walking in on Geoffrey and his then-girlfriend Mary Wallace on her YouTube page. “Neither Geoffrey nor Mary were [wearing microphones] and nobody knew what was coming,” she opened up. “It was total surprise for all of us…It was crazy. I even looked back several times to ask the crew, ‘are you serious, guys? Did you just throw me under the train?”

Viewers took more issue with Geoffrey’s multiple arrests and allegations of domestic abuse. TLC has since parted ways with the controversial couple.

90 Day Fiancé, Kalani & Asuelu

Kalani Faagata

The lovable Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have had their ups and downs across various 90 Day spinoffs. After marrying in September 2018, the Utah-based couple now have two sons, Oliver and Kennedy. Kalani took to social media following backlash over her comments about Samoan culture to clarify comments about her Samoan father, Low. “Rule of thumb when watching reality TV: if you don’t see it being said, chances are it was spliced together,” Kalani said in October 2018. Since then, she and Asuelu have appeared on a variety of 90 Day series, and continue to bring a heartfelt honesty to the franchise.

90 Day Fiancé, Jorge & Anfisa

Anfisa Nava

Season 4 starlet Anfisa Nava may be divorced from her husband Jorge Nava after he served prison time, but the Russian fitness model still promises that 90 Day Fiancé is truly real. “What [fans] don’t know is that the show actually works,” Anfisa wrote on Instagram in 2018. “The show doesn’t help with anything related to immigration. They just start filming on the day the foreign fiancé arrives to the USA and continue until the couple gets married…These ’90 days’ are definitely not to get to know your partner because you already know the person, you’ve had long enough relationships with them and decided you want to marry them. That’s why all of the couples end up married every season.”

Andrew and Amira, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8

Andrew Kenton

Season 8 star Andrew Kenton had a very specific issue with his portrayal on 90 Day Fiancé. “It seems as if they’re going to try very hard to make me look pretty dorky!” Andrew quipped on Instagram. Yet Amira Lollysa’s divisive daycare worker beau didn’t stop there. “I can see the box [production] wants to put me in,” he continued to defend his physical appearance. “We are not all stereotypes. The cast is not merely clones of each other, and I certainly do not easily fit into a pre-contrived personality construct…If you want to know the real me – the fun-loving, funny, generous, adventurous, active, way more attractive Andrew, follow me here on Instagram!” Andrew also alleges that Amira was the one who suggested her ill-fated trip to Mexico behind-the-scenes, and not Andrew.