‘Married at First Sight: 5 Explosive Moments From the Reunion, Part 1 (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Chris Paige Dwight
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 18, “Atlanta Reunion, Part 1.”]

Part 1 of the Married at First Sight Season 12 reunion has arrived and it’s filled with blissful moments between some surviving couples and tense situations for the less fortunate duos.

Sitting down with host Kevin Frazier, the cast members are giving updates on their lives after Decision Day, revealing whether or not they’re still together or still apart. As with most reunions from past seasons, Atlanta’s couples can definitely bring the drama when they want to.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments from the first half of the mind-blowing reunion but beware of spoilers ahead.

Virginia & Erik

MAFS Season 12 Erik Virginia

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When it comes to this couple, there’s been plenty of ups and downs throughout their marriage, but the duo is sticking together for now as they reveal Virginia is now living with Erik in his condo. Despite previous concerns about her animals and his allergies, they’re making do with all being under one roof. While the couple admits that not everything is perfect, they’re happy in their marriage.

Erik’s mother also joins the pair for the reunion, revealing how much she’s grown to love her new daughter-in-law. But the marriage almost didn’t happen because days before their wedding, Virginia received a false positive COVID test in previously unseen footage. Thankfully it was a false alarm, giving Erik and Virginia a chance to continue growing their relationship.

Clara & Ryan

MAFS Season 12 Clara Ryan

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As for Clara and Ryan, they are also still married, sharing that they’ve moved into Ryan’s house and are doing a good job of blending their lives together. Without the scrutiny of the cameras in their lives, Clara and Ryan are enjoying marriage and she reveals they’re even planning to get remarried so they can have a bigger celebration with friends and family.

While there are no plans for kids quite yet, religion seems to still be a touchy topic for the pair. And Clara’s fear of being loved has disappeared as she acknowledges the strength of her and Ryan’s relationship. After Kevin asks about Ryan’s aversion to saying “I love you,” the newlywed finally breaks down and says those three words to Clara during the reunion. Even with this progress, the pair will still not reveal any information about their sex life but Ryan does deny he is a virgin following Dr. Viviana’s speculation earlier this season.

Vincent & Briana

MAFS Season 12 Briana Vincent

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Briana and Vincent are still together and now live in his apartment together where they’re tackling the challenges of combining their possessions into one space. The move is teaching Briana a lot about compromise as she and her hubby look to the future. Currently, the couple plans to purchase a condo in the Dominican Republic and are eager to travel and embark on new adventures together.

As for their experience with the show, Vincent admits there are occasions when he could have had a better reaction and reveals that his anxiety was a driving force behind his less enthusiastic approach to less familiar activities like horseback riding and dancing. Before their time on the couch concludes, Kevin puts Briana’s Spanish to the test as this couple remains just as sweet as they were when fans last saw them on Decision Day.

Ladies Talk

MAFS Season 12 cast

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In a brief break from the couples chatter, the women of Season 12 convene for a discussion with Kevin, revealing that they’ve traveled together since Decision Day for girls trips and that they’re each others’ biggest cheerleaders.

On a more serious note, Haley offers insight into her and Jacob’s failed marriage saying that their connection fizzled after they became physical on the honeymoon. Meanwhile, the women who are still in relationships all agree that alone-time is crucial for their marriages, which isn’t a problem for Paige who is no longer with Chris. She tells Kevin that it was uncomfortable to see her marriage fail but that sometimes you have to choose yourself. Their chat ends on a more positive note when Clara reveals that Ryan finally said “I love you” to her during their session with Kevin earlier.

Chris & Paige

MAFS Season 12 Chris Paige

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The reunion ends with a bang as Chris and Paige’s time in the spotlight begins. Chris admits that he was terrible during the season and repents for his actions. Paige says she regrets having sex with Chris and is still upset about how things went down between them. According to Chris, he and Paige sought counseling after Decision Day to try and repair their damaged bond, but it didn’t work.

Chris maintains that he didn’t know about Mercedes’ pregnancy before wedding Paige, but the awkward topics turn turbulent when his former pal and spiritual advisor Pastor Dwight joins them on the reunion stage. The stunt to stage a reconciliation backfires when Chris is set off by Dwight’s presence. Tensions flare and ultimately, Chris walks off, leaving the stage and ending the episode on an uncertain note.

What will happen next? Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

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