‘Married at First Sight’: ‘Real Life Starts Now’ for the Couples on Decision Day (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Briana Vincent
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 17, “Real Life Starts Now.”]

Decision Day has arrived for the couples of Married at First Sight‘s 12th season and the drama is at an all-time high.

In the latest installment, “Real Life Starts Now,” five pairs at the center of this season were asked the show’s biggest question: Will they stay married or not? Below, we’re breaking down every key moment including who’s staying together and which couples are getting divorced, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Clara & Ryan

MAFS season 12 clara ryan

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Clara and Ryan were first up to the plate for Season 12’s Decision Day sit-down with the experts. Speaking with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Vivana Coles, and Pastor Cal Roberson, Clara and Ryan did reflect on their intimacy and growing bond, which they agree is something they enjoy. Although she’s had reservations about the slow pace of their physical relationship and the fact that Ryan hasn’t said “I love you,” Clara reveals that she wants to stay married. Thankfully Ryan feels the same and the two take a moment to celebrate with the experts before departing their meeting.

Haley & Jacob

MAFS Season 12 Jacob Haley

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The experts were cautiously optimistic when this duo walked into their meeting, but Haley and Jacob’s differences were just too big for them to get on the same page. Ultimately, these differences lead Haley and Jacob to believe divorce is the best option.

Paige & Chris

MAFS Season 12 Chris Paige

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Although Chris and Paige agreed to go their separate ways after just four weeks of marriage, they still partook in the Decision Day festivities. As usual, drama ensued when Paige told the experts she felt used and undervalued by her husband. When they asked Chris if he’d do anything differently, he admitted he made mistakes and wishes he had shown Paige more affection, then things turned emotional when he revealed Mercedes had a miscarriage.

Paige followed Chris out of the meeting to check on him, and eventually, they returned after some tears were shed. Chatting with the experts once more, Chris said he’s undecided about Decision Day and this caused Paige’s head to spin, and she walked out for a few minutes to cool down. Regardless of changed opinions, Pastor Cal told Chris he needed to let Paige go if she wanted to leave. Thankfully, this is the decision she made as their meeting came to a close, leading her and Chris down a path to divorce.

Virginia & Erik

MAFS season 12 erik virginia

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Despite bickering a lot in the weeks following their wedding, Erik and Virginia both agreed that their good moments outweigh the bad and for that reason, they decided to stay married. He even got down on one knee to propose to Virginia properly.

Briana & Vincent

MAFS Season 12 Briana Vincent

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Briana and Vincent admitted that they’re pretty different people, but they agreed to compromise at necessary times. Perhaps one of the season’s strongest couples, it’s unsurprising that Briana wanted to stay together, but before Vincent agreed, he claimed he forgot something and knelt by the couch to grab a box. When he flipped the lid, he asked Briana to stay married with a cheesecake inside. The sweet was Briana’s favorite and she actually cried over the sweet gesture.

Post-Decision Day Get Together

MAFS Season 12 Erik Virginia Haley

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Following the decisions, Season 12’s participants gathered for a backyard get-together sans Chris, as usual. While chatting about the life-changing decisions that were made, Virginia told the group that Erik asked for her father’s blessing before his Decision Day proposal, a sweet detail. Paige told the group she thought about staying married to Chris, but everyone was relieved to hear she ended up choosing divorce. Just as this conversation was taking place, Chris arrived to the party and congratulated the successful couples before launching into a grand apology for his actions throughout the season. The evening ended on a positive note as he shook hands with Erik after their confrontation earlier this season.

Will the peace last for the reunion? Find out when Parts 1 and 2 air over the next two weeks on Lifetime.

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