‘Younger’: Liza & Quinn Have an Eye-Opening Chat About Charles (VIDEO)

Strong women are at the center of TV Land-turned-Paramount+ comedy Younger, and it seems that almost none of them are interested in the sacrament of marriage.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, May 20’s installment “Fallout,” billionaire Quinn (Laura Benanti) invites frenemy editor Liza (Sutton Foster) to New York’s adorable Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop for coffee and some simple baked goods. These two have been at odds for the longest time, but the May 13 episode featured a turning point for their relationship, and it seems like Liza might actually be starting to humor the over-the-top author, who is now dating her ex, Charles (Peter Hermann).

And it turns out that scruffy publisher between the two is exactly why Quinn has invited Liza out to fail the Bechdel test — she wants to know Charles’ red flags. “If you loved Charles, and he proposed to you, why aren’t you married?” asks Quinn.

It’s a really fair question, one we’ve heard posed to Liza a multitude of times during the series’ seventh and final season. But that’s not what’s surprising about this get-together. The shocking moment comes next, in how Quinn reacts to Liza’s “I don’t want to get married” sentiment… Quinn totally agrees with her. “I don’t want to disclose my tax returns,” she quips, citing a number of additional reasons why marriage isn’t for her.

Does this mean poor Charles is bound to be an unlucky-in-love bachelor forever? Or does Liza still have a chance — if she wants it? Check out the full exclusive clip above.

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