Candace Rice Teases ‘Floribama Shore’ Season 4 Finale & ‘Raw’ Reunion

Candace Rice, Floribama Shore

It takes more than a global pandemic to stop the party for the cast of MTV’s Floribama Shore.

In Season 4, cast members Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Gus Smyrnios, and Candace Rice left their usual Florida heat for the remote and wintery wilderness of Missoula, Montana — until the threat of a blizzard moved them into the warmer temperatures of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Even without being packed into countless clubs, there was still a fair share of shenanigans, fights (one over a hairdryer!), breakdowns, and memorable bonding experiences throughout the fourth season. And of course the show’s signature puke and rally sessions. Heading into the season finale, we caught up with Rice as she reflects on her time in relative isolation with the roommates, and what to expect when Buoni’s brother comes to town.

This season was like no other, simply because of the circumstances. How did that affect this season?

Candace Rice: Doing anything during the pandemic proved to be really hard. Just filming the show and having to take a COVID test literally every other day, and being in the house and living on top of each other. Whenever there is a conflict, it’s heightened times 20 because you can’t go out. Cabin fever is real. I do understand why a lot of couples ended up breaking up over the pandemic.

Floribama Shore


This year also didn’t include Kortni Gilson or Mattie Breaux from past seasons, so the guys outnumbered the girls. How did that change the dynamic in the house?

Me and Aimee were doing what we could to be the support Nilsa but also have a good time. It definitely changed the dynamic. People were saying that all the drama was among the dudes, and I’m like, “Yeah, because there were more dudes.”

One of the most talked-about episodes this season was when Gus borrowed your hairdryer without asking. What was it like watching that argument play out onscreen?

My only concern was that he needed to put it back. That’s all I cared about. Had he done that, I would have been cool. I found it on the floor untaken care of. I don’t throw any of my things on the floor. I had it wrapped up inside a drawer. When I approached him, he had just a matter-of-fact attitude about it like, “Yeah I took it, and you’re going to have to deal with it.” There was no type of, “Yeah, I should have put it back.” It was the principle of the matter.

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Codi also pranked your dad by calling him to let him know you were now Mrs. Butts, but he seemed pretty on board with it all?

I was very surprised. I never played a prank where I had somebody call my dad and offered up my hand in marriage. The fact my daddy was very supportive, I was really cross-eyed confused about that. That was an interesting prank because we didn’t want to call and tell him it was a joke. We took entirely too long. Aimee called to tell him the truth, and he was actually mad at Aimee because he thought we were all in on it.

How do you feel your time on the show has helped you grow?

I’ve grown so much. The first couple of seasons, I never really felt comfortable inside the house or felt very valued. I feel a lot more supported in the house [now]. I feel like I have a place there. I think after being in the house for so long I’ve learned that people’s opinions don’t matter. I can’t cash a check with an opinion. I’m 100 percent myself. If I feel a certain way, I’m not going to be afraid to react. I just try to remain true to myself.

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You and Aimee made it a point to be there for Nilsa, who was pregnant in the house. Do you feel like having that extra time brought you three closer together?

Nilsa lost her father during the pandemic. The year previously she had lost her best friend. She has been on this constant rollercoaster ride of going through life pains and losing people. Then, after that, being in the vacation house pregnant, where she isn’t able to drink, Me and Aimee remained committed to being as supportive as we could for her. She is a really strong girl for being able to go through all of that.

You’ve parlayed your success into a number of business ventures. How does it feel to use your platform to draw attention to important matters?

My parents and I run an organic skincare company called Yaaganix. All of the ingredients are locally grown. [We do] soaps, scrubs, everything. It has been a passion of mine to see the business grow. We handcraft everything. I also have my not-for-profit Urban Therapy. I’m developing an app to distribute to people in underprivileged, poor communities that will provide resources to free therapy, a financial literacy course, and other things. I just want to make the world a little bit better than when I got here.

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What will you take with you from this overall experience?

Definitely sledding. I had never been sledding down a mountain before. It was a lot of fun. Horseback riding, too. We had to be very creative with our activities since we couldn’t go to bars. It allowed me to expand on my cowgirl skills.

How are your rollerskating skills developing?

I’ve gotten a little better. During the pandemic, people were trying to skate as it was the only way to get out. I was doing my little skating thing. I really do like it. It’s a good workout. The house wasn’t big enough, so it was hard skating in there. There were always things on the floor because the house was always so god darn dirty so you’ll have to skate around some White Claw cans and beer bottles.

What can we expect from Josh’s visit in the season finale?

There is going to be a lot of understanding to come from it. There will be a lot of questions asked and addressed. Everything the fans are asking will pretty much be addressed. There will also be some cliffhangers.

What can you tease about the reunion episodes you filmed?

It gets really raw. The tough questions are asked. We have a lot of conversations we’ve been meaning to have regarding everyone in the house. Also, being able to have those tough conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement. We reflect on that when we were in the house. There is a lot of strong and very prominent conversations at the reunion.

If you were to pick another spot for the cast to vacation for a season, where would you want to go?

I would love for all of us to go to Djibouti, Africa, or Tokyo. I think it would be hilarious to see country folk in someplace like Africa. I think we could use the humility and the humbling by going to another country and seeing how they live. It would be a wonderful experience.

Floribama Shore Season Finale, May 13, 8/7c, MTV
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