‘A Million Little Things’: Gary’s Father Visits — Will He & Darcy Get Along? (VIDEO)

It’s time for a family reunion on A Million Little Things. Gary Mendez’s (James Roday Rodriguez) father, Javier (Paul Rodriguez), is stopping by for a visit in the May 5 episode, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek.

“Don’t worry, I quarantined for two weeks,” Javier assures his son as Gary joins him and Danny (Chance Hurstfield) in the kitchen. “Come over here and give me a hug.” But he’s talking to Gary’s girlfriend Darcy (Floriana Lima), whom he’s meeting for the first time. “I love this house you inherited,” Javier tells his son after hugging him.

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“It’s a loaner,” Gary corrects him. He’s staying there with Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) son Danny, while she’s stuck overseas as a result of the pandemic, flights, and her father’s injury. (Her daughter, Sophie, played by Lizzy Greene, recently flew out to be with her.)

“I know, because you don’t actually work for a living,” Javier continues and, when Gary reminds him he got re-hired by his old job, adds, “The joke’s not funny that way.”

Watch the clip above for another Mendez joke.

A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 12 Gary Javier Darcy Danny

ABC/Jack Rowand

In “Junior,” Gary’s dad connects with Darcy about his personal experience from the Vietnam War; she was just at a retreat the therapist she’s seeing for her PTSD recommended. Meanwhile, during a dinner hosted by Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses), the video of George Floyd’s murder is released, and they watch together in shock.

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