‘Salem’: Things Get Even Darker in Season 3 (VIDEO)


The devil is pretty much as dark as it gets, and is wreaking havoc in Salem.

In the exclusive first look below, the cast of the WGN America series talk about what is in store for their characters in Season 3. At the start of the new season, Salem is in ruins, and many of the characters are at a crossroads. Anne is conflicted with the witch she will become, and Alden is busy leading soldiers against human and supernatural forces, while Mary—who died last season – is the only one who could possibly stop the devil.

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Marilyn Manson joins the cast as crazed surgeon, and Tituba is granted visions of the future which help her understand how to take out the devil once and for all. As a dark cloud looms over the characters, who will save the town of Salem?

Salem, Season Premiere, Wednesday, November 2, 9/8c, WGN America.