‘The Great,’ ‘Vikings’ & More Stylish Historical Series to Stream on Hulu

The Great Season 2 Elle Fanning
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The Great

The Great, a witty take on Russian Empress Catherine (Elle Fanning), returns with more court intrigue and opulent costumes. Binge it…and these best-dressed shows too.

The Great

The princess married Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) in Season 1, but his poor management of the kingdom drove her to stage a coup. Her dresses went from whimsical florals to attention-grabbing hues like hot pink. Now she’s with child — meaning flowy gowns! Season 1 available; Season 2 debuts Friday, Nov. 19

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Black Narcissus

This erotically charged tale set in the 1930s sees a group of nuns, including lustful Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton), in white habits establishing their order in the Himalayas, where bold silks left behind by concubines hint at another life. Season 1 available

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A witch (Janet Montgomery) feeds into Puritan hysteria in the 17th century. Her goth getups wouldn’t have cut it in Colonial times (one gown is festooned with silver spiders), but that’s part of the fun. Seasons 1–3 available

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London madams duke it out for dominance in the 1700s as scrappy Margaret (Samantha Morton, above, second from right) goes up against her ex-boss. Part of the game: corsets, silks, and back-stabbing. Seasons 1–3 available

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Nordic hero Björn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) is one of many warriors who uses grit, guts, and leather armor to fight to the top of an expanding kingdom. Seasons 1–6 available