‘Salem’s Witches Try to Correct Their Horrible Mistakes in Season 3

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WGN America
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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? In the world of the macabre thriller Salem (featuring Tamzin Merchant and Seth Gabel, above), that may not be the most useful query. “I think every witch on Salem thinks they’re good,” says creator Brannon Braga. “They do say that the path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Those good intentions have set the devil loose in the infamous Massachusetts port town via a creepy 10-year-old boy. “He’s a liar,” Braga explains. “He’s not giving them what he promised, which is a world free of hypocrisy.”

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The witches then must stop their former master from destroying humanity, made challenging by the death of head witch Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) last season. But Mary will be back. “When the witches realize their mistake, they’ve got to use some deep, dark magic to bring back the dead,” says Braga. “As one character says, ‘When you raise the dead, you never know what you raise.’”

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