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some kind of heaven
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It’s “Disneyland for seniors.” That’s what the world’s largest retirement community, located in Central Florida and the subject of the amusing 2021 documentary, Some Kind of Heaven, is often dubbed.

In many ways the Villages does seem like a paradise, with its countless activities and parties enjoyed by residents aged 55 and up, like Richard Schwartz (above). But the film also zeroes in on a few folks who don’t fit the mold of a typical Villager. Eternal bachelor Dennis Dean, for example, crashes the scene in his van (which doubles as his home)!

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As the octogenarian prowls for a well-off sugar mama, widow Barbara Lochiatto finds a new crush in a margaritas-obsessed golf cart salesman. Longtime couple Anne and Reggie Kincer, meanwhile, face a legal roller-coaster when Reggie gets into some surprising drug-related trouble.

As Anne says, “Surely everybody’s life here in the Villages is not perfect all the time. Everybody has problems.” But at least there you can deal with them poolside.

Some Kind of Heaven, Documentary Premiere, Thursday, May 13, Hulu

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