‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Final Episodes Trailer Offers a Look at Pride & Rita’s Wedding (VIDEO)

When NCIS: New Orleans returns for its final four episodes — the series finale is set for Sunday, May 23 — it has quite a bit to address: the cliffhanger from the last episode, Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) and Rita Devereaux’s (Chelsea Field) upcoming wedding, the fact that Pride has another kid, and how it will all end. And TV Insider has an exclusive first look at a new trailer teasing all that and more.

As you’ll recall, “Once Upon a Time” ended with Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan) and Quentin Carter (Charles Michael Davis) putting their talk about their relationship aside for the case … only to then get caught in an explosion.

Did the New 'NCIS: New Orleans' Romance Just Give Carter a Reason to Stay?See Also

Did the New 'NCIS: New Orleans' Romance Just Give Carter a Reason to Stay?

The March 28 episode was bookended with flirty discussions about coffee and drinks.

And as you can see in the trailer, Carter begs Hannah to “come back to me.” But don’t worry, she’ll be fine because they’ll also be continuing that conversation about their relationship. “Ladies first,” Carter offers. “I did save your life yesterday.”

Another big shock from that episode was Pride finding out he may have a 17-year-old son with Sasha Broussard (Callie Thorne). He’s already told his fiancée and it looks like he’ll soon be filling in his brother, Jimmy (Jason Alan Carvell). “I spent my life proving to the world that I was better than my father,” Pride says. How has this changed his perspective?

As for that aforementioned wedding, who better to plan it than Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder), but what else does Pride need her to do? Watch the trailer above for more, including a glimpse at the happy festivities.

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The final four episodes kick off on May 2, with “Choices,” which sees the team investigating the bombing (in which Hannah and Carter were caught) and impending criminal turf war involving Sasha, Pride coming to terms with having a teenage son in his life, and Hannah and Carter trying to define their new relationship.

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