‘American Idol’ Contestant Cecil Ray Baker Charged With Burglary, Accused of Abusing Ex

American Idol Cecil Ray
ABC/Eric McCandless

One week after being eliminated from American Idol Season 19, contestant Cecil Ray Baker has been charged with “burglary of habitation with intent to commit assault” following his arrest on April 17.

Baker reportedly broke into the Texas home of his ex-girlfriend, Mariah Lopez, when she didn’t let him in to see the daughter he says is his, TMZ reports. In his Idol interviews, Baker dedicated his audition to the baby and spoke about plans to give her the life he didn’t have, something Lopez called out in a TikTok video.

“You really had everyone fooled,” she wrote on that video before claiming he’s cheated on her. “I deserve better after everything you’ve put me through and what you continue to put me through,” she added.

In another video on TikTok, Lopez shared photos of bruises and texts with someone who claims to have witnessed the alleged abuse. “I do know that you’ve witnessed Cecil put his hands on me before,” one person in the chain wrote, asking the other person to go into detail. That person’s name is blocked out, and the response reads, in part, “I’ve personally seen him lay his hands on you and heard the names he calls you, the people saying ‘he would never do that’ or ‘he has never done that’ are completely wrong!”

Cecil Ray American Idol

ABC/Eric McCandless

In the arrest affidavit TMZ obtained, Lopez alleged to officers from the Rockdale Police Department that he forced his way through the back door, which was locked, then “struck her in the face with a palm heel.” He then left. According to TMZ, Baker’s sister “mostly corroborated” what Lopez claimed happened.

Baker made it to the Top 24 but didn’t make the cut for the Top 16 in the April 11 episode of American Idol.