‘Bob’s Burgers’ Sneak Peek: Bob’s in a Fender Bender! (VIDEO)

Always — always — double-check your mirrors before driving.

The Belcher family seems to find themselves in a lot of unlucky moments, so it’s probably unsurprising to hear that in Sunday, April 18’s installment of Fox animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers, “Some Kind of Fender Benderful,” patriarch Bob Belcher (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) gets involved in a minor motor vehicle accident.

The four-car fender bender, which happens directly outside of the restaurant, doesn’t just involve Bob though. All three Belcher children — big sister Tina (Dan Mintz), middle child Gene (Eugene Mirman) and little sister Louise (Kristen Schaal) — agree to join Bob as he plans to go park the car. “We don’t have a lot going on today,” quips Tina. And it’s a way better plan than helping their mom Linda (John Roberts) fill up napkin holders inside the burger joint.

It turns out, the kids had the right idea, as Bob barely moves his car before he immediately finds their red station wagon has been sandwiched between two other cars. Thankfully, it appears no one was going more than 10mph, and no one is hurt. But talk about an exciting afternoon.

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So, how exactly did the accident happen? Will we recognize any of the other involved parties from the seaside community? Will they call the cops or try and settle it amicably? For those answers, you’ll have to watch the episode, but we personally can’t wait to see how this latest dilemma builds on the cartoon comedy.

Check out the full exclusive clip above to see the accident unfold.

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