‘Walker’ Star Coby Bell on James and Liam’s ‘Crazy’ Trip to Mexico and Keeping the Truth From Cordell

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There was one shock after another in the March 11 episode of the CW drama, including that Geri (Odette Annable) may be connected to her best friend Emily Walker’s (Genevieve Padalecki) murder. At least, that’s what Ranger Captain Larry James (Coby Bell) and lawyer Liam (Keegan Allen) seem to have uncovered, with money from Geri’s LLP going to the art gallery — in Mexico — of the niece of the man who confessed to Emily’s murder.

But for now, they only know that there may be “some involvement” on Geri’s part, Bell tells TV Insider, and so James and Liam are heading to Mexico, where “things do get crazy,” to follow up on the latest tip in the March 18 episode of Walker. The art gallery is “just the starting point” of their investigation, he adds. (And no, that jacket from the last episode will not be making the trip with James.)

But they’re keeping Emily’s husband Cordell (Jared Padalecki) in the dark about what they’ve uncovered. (He’s Liam’s older brother and like a younger brother to James.) “The Geri thing is way too heavy,” Bell says, especially since the one-year anniversary of Emily’s death just passed.

That can only continue for so long. “There’s a reckoning” coming, the star continues. “In the beginning of the season, we were both telling [Cordell] he was ridiculous for wanting to keep digging, and we were wrong. Then James and Walker have to find their way back to their friendship, which gets pulled apart by the case.”

The entire situation is tough for James and Liam, but while “they both genuinely care about Cordell,” they’re not just doing this for him. They’re also looking “to redeem themselves,” Bell says. “They were [also] both a part of the case in the first place and getting it wrong in the first place because Carlos Mendoza was saying he did it and they believed it and they went along with it, and now they’re finding out it goes deeper.”

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Look out for things to come to light around Episode 9, including James potentially figuring out how to tell Cordell about Geri. It’s “a big Captain James and Walker episode,” Bell previews. “We get to see their dynamic and go a little bit into the history and see how they are when they’re working together.” In addition to what’s going down in the present day, there will be flashbacks.

Speaking of those two working together, they’ll “have to send someone in to get information” in a later episode, Bell says, much like James and Liam had to trust Hoyt — “Matt Barr blows me away, he’s so good,” the actor adds — to get close to fellow prisoner Mendoza for their investigation.

Also later this season, “we get deeper into [James’] family situation,” Bell teases of his character, who we know is recently divorced.

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Fortunately, we already know there will be a second season to answer any questions or explore any storylines that aren’t addressed in the coming episodes.

“I couldn’t believe when they announced [the renewal] so quickly,” Bell admits. “But that’s the power of Jared Padalecki. He’s got such a fan base and he’s such a good guy.”

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