Snowshoe Hare Takes Camouflage to the Next Level in ‘Snow Animals’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

BBC America’s A Wild Year on Earth might have wrapped up last weekend, but they’re filling the void with Wonderstruck’s latest special Snow Animals and we have an exclusive sneak peek clip a the program.

Narrated by Liz Bonnin, Snow Animals puts a spotlight on several different species as they implement various survival techniques amid the harsh winter climes. One such animal featured is the snowshoe hare which becomes a master of disguise, taking camouflage to a whole other level.

“Its fur perfectly matches this white world,” Bonnin says in the clip, above. Dwelling in the Yukon territory of North America, snow covers the landscape for five months out of the year, making camouflage a necessary tool for survival from potential threats.

But what could threaten such a sweet critter you might ask? Their predatory threats range from coyotes and eagles to lynx. Thankfully they have a contingency weapon in their back pocket, or paws, rather.

snowshoe hare snow animals bbc america wonderstruck

Credit: BBC America

See the snowshoe hare in action in the clip above, and don’t miss the variety of other animals — such as chipmunks, caribou, bobcats, sea otters, penguins, squirrels and more — making an appearance in Snow Animals on BBC America.

And for fans who can’t get enough of BBC America’s Wonderstruck programming on Saturdays, check in at Wonderstruck’s official site for unlimited access to nature-related content through mobile and desktop devices.

Snow Animals, Premieres Saturday, March 6, 8/7c, BBC America