‘Call Me Kat’ Sneak Peek: Carter Wants to Spread Good Vibes, But Will a Guest Star Stop Him? (VIDEO)

Things get down to brass tacks in Call Me Kat‘s latest episode, “Business Council,” and TV Insider has your exclusive first look.

In a sneak peek clip, above, Kat’s (Mayim Bialik) fellow community proprietor, bar owner Carter (Julian Gant), is making a case for himself during a local business council meeting being run by Marlene (guest star Yvette Nicole Brown). And, after helping Kat get elected to the council, she appears to be his number one supporter.

“Next up, extended hours at the Middle C. Mr. Cook, please address the council,” Marlene says, introducing Carter, who’s there to convince the board that keeping his piano bar open later will benefit the community.

It’s all about spreading good vibes as Carter explains. “I’ve always loved music. And I love being a positive part of the community,” he says. “And a few more hours of positivity could really benefit the neighborhood.”

Call Me Kat Julian Gant Mayim Bialik

Lisa Rose/Fox

The laughs come when Carter adds that in extending hours he could boost his business, which could help his kid’s crooked teeth. “He needs braces, like, bad. The boy looks like a possum,” Carter explains bluntly.

Can Kat’s new position help Carter achieve his goal? Check out the clip above to find out and don’t miss guest star Yvette Nicole Brown when the “Business Council” episode of Call Me Kat airs on Fox.

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