‘Country Comfort’ Star Katharine McPhee on Her Sitcom With Music on Netflix

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Talk about going off-key. Aspiring country music singer Bailey Hart (Katharine McPhee) gets kicked out of her band — by her own boyfriend — and, after she leaves in a heartbroken huff, her truck breaks down during a thunderstorm.

Those tough breaks cue up a life-changing turn of events in the music-driven comedy Country Comfort that creator Caryn Lucas compares to comfort food. “It’s warm, it’s fun and it’s family,” she promises. “There’s something in it for everybody.”

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In the storm, Bailey stumbles upon the Haywood ranch, headed by charming widower Beau (Eddie Cibrian), who’s in need of a sitter for his five precocious kids. And just like Fran Drescher in The Nanny, Bailey suddenly has a new life calling. Or at least a temporary one.

“She quickly realizes that she can selfishly still pursue [singing] by dragging the kids along to auditions. She never gives up this idea of becoming a star,” says McPhee. The musically inclined kiddos don’t mind — middle child Dylan (Griffin McIntyre) even becomes Bailey’s manager!

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American Idol alum McPhee was drawn to the fact that the series incorporates performances: “I’ve never watched any sitcoms that had music in them. I thought it was a new element and a fun challenge.” Naturally, McPhee nails it. Her rendition of the Tammy Wynette classic “Stand by Your Man” in Episode 3 is a particular standout. Ready to sing along?

By John Hogan, with additional reporting by John Russell

Country Comfort, Series Premiere, Friday, March 19