‘Dickinson’ Star Pico Alexander on Lavinia’s Erotic and Hilarious Spider Dance for a Stunned Ship

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Dickinson, Season 2, Episode 9, “I Like a Look of Agony.”]

Dickinson‘s second season has been a rollercoaster for on-again-off-again couple Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov) and Ship (Pico Alexander).

After boarding with the Dickinsons at the beginning of this season, Ship set his sights on Lavinia with hopes of finding a subservient and obedient life partner. He had never imagined that Lavinia would become fascinated with stories of his ex, Lola Montez (based on a provocative and well-known historical dancer), who’s part of an unstable past he wants behind him.

“He thinks [Lavinia’s] one thing, and she’s just so not,” says Alexander of Ship’s impression.

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“It seems like Lavinia and Ship both serve the same purpose for each other,” he continues, “which is to show them what they don’t want in some way.” But it doesn’t stop Ship from seeking out Lavinia in Dickinson‘s latest episode, “I Like a Look of Agony.”

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When Ship hears about the rumblings of an impending war, he begs for Lavinia back, but she’ll budge under one condition only — if he accepts all her quirks. In order to prove he will, Ship agrees to sit for a performance that turns out to be the Spider Dance, one the real-life Lola had made famous.

The hilarious and erotic dance set to the aptly titled tune “Lola Montez” from Volbeat stuns Ship. Lavinia, who previously aspired to be the perfect housewife, is really going for it, exploring her own needs and pushing boundaries like her sister Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) does with poetry.

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“It was definitely hard to keep a straight face. It’s hilarious,” Alexander admits. What makes the scene even better is that the actor hadn’t seen it until it was time to film. “It’s great to see another actor show up on the day with something that they’d been working on in private for however long before you have to shoot the scene.”

He adds though that it’s not always fun filming such a moment. “That’s always a little nerve-wracking, to do a dance for somebody,” he says. “So it’s awkward, and the person doing the performance feels very vulnerable. It’s actually maybe not quite so giggly.”

In the end, Ship is won over by the performance , but will it be enough for him to stay with the free-spirited Lavinia? It’s unclear whether Ship’s not sure of what he wants or if his standards are too high, but Alexander says it’s “probably a bit of both.” See how the pair finish their Season 2 story when the finale episode arrives next week on Apple TV+.

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