Annie Murphy Plays a Murderous Wife in ‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’s First Trailer (VIDEO)

kevin can f himself annie murphy amc
Jojo Whilden/AMC

Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of a sitcom wife? AMC’s upcoming dark comedy Kevin Can F*** Himself answers that question.

In a just-released trailer, the twisty story — which alternates between being single-camera and multi-camera set-ups — starring Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek actress Annie Murphy focuses on Allison, a woman who grows tired of playing the perfect housewife to the schlumpy, demanding Kevin (Eric Peterson). Really tired. Allison, it seems, would like to murder him. For real.

The meta show basically explores what happens when a sitcom wife escapes the confines of her life to be the lead in her own adventure.

Annie Murphy AMC Kevin Can F*** Himself


It’s a radical departure from Murphy’s former role on Schitt’s Creek, where she took on the prima donna persona of Alexis Rose. Now, Murphy’s character doesn’t give a f*** and we can’t wait to see more.

Check out the full trailer below, and catch Kevin Can F*** Himself when it arrives this summer on AMC and AMC+.

Kevin Can F*** Himself, Summer 2021, AMC and AMC+