’90 Day: The Single Life’ Premiere: Bringing Sexy Back (RECAP)

Molly Hopkins, 90 Day Single Life
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Series Premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life.]

With six newly single-and-ready-to-mingle 90 Day Fiancéstars dropping their “fiancé” titles, there are no limits to the NSFW details onscreen on the premiere of 90 Day: The Single Lifeairing on Discovery+. As Bares All host Shaun Robinsonteased, the streaming platform allows for fan favorites to show their sexy side and boy, do they deliver. Let’s dive in to your latest reality TV addiction. It’s about to get hot in here.

'90 Day: The Single Life' Cast on Dating Again, Lessons Learned & Ditching Lust for LoveSee Also

'90 Day: The Single Life' Cast on Dating Again, Lessons Learned & Ditching Lust for Love

Colt Johnson, Danielle Jbali, and Brittany Banks talk about giving romance one more shot.

Big Ed: Back in Business

We kick off with beloved Big Ed in San Diego. His mother is moving in with him — probably not the best way to get a girlfriend, but hey, it worked for costar and certified player Colt Johnson! — and Ed pines for a lifelong love like his parents had. Unfortunately, his breakup with Filipino ex-fiancé Rosemarie left him reeling. “The biggest lesson I learned from Rose is that it makes things a whole lot easier when the person you’re in love with is not 7,000 miles away,” Ed admits.

big ed-90 day single life


He meets with a dating coach to change his approach to dating. The coach instinctively senses that Ed feels as though he’s undeserving of love. She suggests that he self-reflect prior to diving into a new relationship. But Ed already has his sights set on 29-year old restaurant hostess Liz. “The perfect kind of woman I think number one, she’d have to be kind,” Ed says, listing his requirements. “Number two, she’d have to be hot. That’s H-A-U-T-E, which means she’s cute with a sense of fashion. She has to love to make love of course.”

Later he takes pal Lily to the restaurant where Liz works. He casually flirts with Liz while Lily advises him on how to play it cool. Eventually he formally asks Liz out, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out her answer.

Molly: Come to Mama

“I’m going to be the bad burglar,” Molly coos into the camera. The fan favorite lingerie designer dons a full-body black lace suit while seductively dangling strands of pearls. Following her divorce from Luis, Molly has a newfound sense of confidence. “I deserve a man that’s going to be a man,” Molly states. She received a slew of DMs from potential suitors, but one in particular caught her eye. Turns out Molly’s “bad girl” theft routine is for her new beau, Kelly. The lovebirds have been going strong, and New York-based Kelly is soon traveling to visit Molly in Georgia.

Molly Hopkins, 90 Day Single Life


With Kelly’s impending arrival, Molly tells her daughter Kensley more about her boyfriend. “If he is going to be the man in my life, he has to show me that he can be a father to my daughter,” Molly promises.

Brittany: “What’s Third Base?”

The Other Way alum Brittany has kicked alleged cheater Yazan to the curb. Now, the new-and-improved beauty confirms she never fully consummated the relationship and they only (maybe?) reached third base.

Unlike Molly, Brittany is not ready to settle down. “Dating to me means you’re out on the scene trying to figure out which person is going to be the person you commit to. I’m seeing who my contenders are,” she says with a smile. “I like for a guy to be an alpha male and take care of me.” Brittany explains she’s currently talking to two men, but she hopes they’re both done with “party lifestyle.”

Brittany, 90 Day Single Life


Brittany goes on a date with Terence, who she met through a mutual friend. Brittany is a little bit older than Terence though, which is a similar dynamic with ex Yazan. Even though she had a nice time with Terence, Brittany is thinking of other man Justin. “I want to make sure I choose the right person,” she tells the camera.

Danielle: Missing Love

Ohio resident Danielle has struggled to move on from ex-husband Mohamed. “I’ve tried to find love again, but rebounds don’t work, especially when you’re still mourning because of your spouse,” she tells the camera. Mohamed reached out to Danielle to tell her he’s in Ohio, but she hasn’t decided whether she can trust him as a friend yet.

danielle- 90 day single life


“I do want to find love again because I miss it a lot,” Danielle heartbreakingly tells the camera. She agrees to meet with Mohamed, but worries he might be using her. “I just want him to apologize and admit he did wrong,” she summarizes. “That’s the final piece of the puzzle. Deep down, I will always care about Mohamed.”

Colt: Always a Lover, Not a Fighter

And then we see VIP star Colt. The 35-year old Las Vegas playboy was married to Larissa (there were rumors he had cheated on his now-ex) and then cheated on his next girlfriend Jess, but now Colt is ready to focus on finding real romance. After losing his job and a few pounds, Colt tries speed dating. “I’m usually very self-destructive when I’m single,” Colt tells the camera (as if he weren’t self-destructive no matter his status). He announces to a potential suitor that he’s unemployed with six cats and living with his mother, Debbie.

Colt, 90 Day Single Life


One speed dater Aryana especially catches Colt’s eye. The spark is not mutual however, and Colt later overhears Aryana venting in Spanish about how ineligible of a bachelor he is. The next morning, Colt reports back his dating attempts to Debbie…while shoveling cat feces. Colt admits he’s still hung up on friends-with-benefits Vanessa, who rightfully doesn’t trust him due to past infidelity. Debbie advises Colt not to break off his friendship with Vanessa just because she won’t date him now. “I always thought she was probably the best person for him,” Debbie confesses.

Colt meets up with Vanessa for coffee, and she shares that she has almost finalized her divorce. “You know I’d like to date you,” Colt slyly slips in. Vanessa is unimpressed. Colt gives Vanessa an ultimatum — she’ll lose him altogether — but she stays steadfast in her decision. So where does that leave Colt?


Well, we get an answer: That apparently leaves Colt in the arms of a new blonde in a jacuzzi! Colt officially reenters the dating world and immediately gets cozy with a mysterious woman. The final cast member is also introduced next week, with Fernanda hosting a divorce party to celebrate her freedom from ex Jonathan.

Molly-kelly-90 day single life


Plus, Molly finds out why Kelly is still single, and Ed finally gets his answer from Liz. Danielle and Mohamed reunite after four years, and it’s bound to get explosive.

Talk next later, Single Life fans!

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