’90 Day Fiancé’: Bad Romance & Poor Timing (RECAP)

Brandon and Julia, 90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

There’s an artful balance to romantic timing, and these couples definitely feel it. Rebecca is fearful that Zied’s goals won’t align with hers due to their two-decade age difference, while Yara has mastered the art of leaving a party at the right time before tensions boil over. For Brandon and Julia, when to literally pull out is key, but Mike and Stephanie are ready to find the exit in their respective relationships. From babies to breakups, this episode has left us rattled. Let’s jump in, not out.

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Brandon & Julia: A Game of Jenga

What do Bridgerton‘s Duke of Hastings, Brandon, and Jenga all have in common? They all require knowing when to quickly pull out. As Brandon boasts that it’s the “only form of birth control” he’s using, Julia announces that she’s feeling nauseous. Of course his first reaction is to tell his parents as soon as possible.

brandon-julia-90 day


That moment comes un-ironically during an evening game of Jenga. Brandon’s father calls it “interesting news,” while his mother asks them to confirm whether Julia is pregnant before they all “start getting upset.” Julia eventually takes a pregnancy test which — drum roll please — is negative, much to everyone’s relief. The pull-out games can continue!

Stephanie & Ryan: Come and Go

After last week’s unexpected ending, we finally get some answers. Stephanie kicks Ryan out of her hotel room because he didn’t use a condom when she asked him to. “I’m not trying to embarrass you, I’m trying to call you out,” she shouts. The 52-year old explains to the camera that even though they never used protection in the past, she didn’t trust Ryan after 10 months apart. Stephanie screams expletives to herself on the couch before jumping up to search for her mother’s ring, something she believes Ryan must have stolen. Of course, he didn’t and she finds it immediately, but still accuses Ryan of being “lower than low.”

stephanie-90 day fiancé


Ryan in the meantime wants to be done with Stephanie for good. “She’s f***ing crazy,” he stresses before noting she was the only one who actually cheated.

Stephanie calls former fling and “good solid friend” Harris. She asks Ryan’s cousin to meet up the following day…but not without her psychic pal-for-hire Maria’s input first. Maria gives her seal of approval to Harris while still warning Stephanie to not be too trusting.

Mike & Natalie: Diverging Paths

With only one month left before Natalie’s visa expires, the clock is ticking for her to marry Mike. Natalie is still haunted by cheating allegations against Mike from years ago. She eventually tells Mike her concerns, but they come across more like accusations. “You lied to me about a lot of stuff,” Natalie starts. “Michael, you had sex with her. You did.”

mike and natalie, 90 day


“Why do you continue to dig into it? It’s over with, you’re here. Move past it!” Mike counters, while still not totally denying it. His cellphone earpiece shakes as he bellows back. Natalie tells Mike she’s out of his league, and Mike reminds her looks aren’t everything — especially when she keeps trying to find fault in their relationship. “You don’t care about me,” he sums up. “I’m the only one that’s ever tried.”

The following day, Natalie asks for her ring back. Mike confirms they are not engaged at all and it would be “a lie to say that everything is ok.” She cries that he should never have brought her to the U.S. in the first place if he didn’t want to marry her.

Yara & Jovi: It’s Your Party, You Can Cry If You Want To

Things are tense between Jovi and Yara when they arrive at their engagement party. Jovi’s mother Gwen is in especially high spirits, and while the couple dances, Gwen looks on with pride. Little does she know Yara is muttering to Jovi that she hates him!

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The couple reveal to Jovi’s parents that Yara is expecting, and Gwen is overjoyed. But only moments later, Jovi leaves Yara to fend for herself at the party while he drinks with his pals. Yara decides to leave, but not without dragging Jovi out with her. “When we have kids, you’ll need to care about the kids too, not just you and your f***ing alcohol,” a lonely Yara scolds her fiancé.

Rebecca & Zied: Grandbaby On Board

Rebecca’s insecurities continue to bleed into her relationship with Zied. She introduces Zied to her son Brandon, his wife, and their kids, but Rebecca becomes nervous watching her fiancé play with her grandchildren. Brandon welcomes Zied immediately — he’s much kinder than Tiffany and Micah — but it’s cringeworthy to hear these little kids call a 27-year-old man “grandpa.”

Zied, 90 Day Fiancé


Rebecca asks Zied if he’s sure he would be content not having kids of his own. He tells her “not to worry” but privately admits that “every man wants children.” Rebecca begs Zied to be completely confident in his decision before they get married. “I am OK now. I do not want to think about this,” Zied says, but Rebecca is worried he might change his mind down the road.

Tarik & Hazel: Three’s Company

Tarik and Hazel continue their quarantine quest to find a girlfriend. They FaceTime Tarik’s friend Angela, and a tipsy Hazel breaks the news about their dating life.

tarik-hazel-90 day fiancé


Angela assumes Tarik is pressuring Hazel to add another woman into their relationship, but Tarik tells her to “pump the brakes” and this is Hazel’s dream. Angela warns them that a third person could create jealousy between them. And from the trailer for next week, that seems to be the case.


Coming up, Zied tells Rebecca he needs to tie the knot before Ramadan, and Andrew continues to push Amira to travel to Serbia. Julia goes wedding dress shopping, while Mike says he’s “at the end of his rope” with Natalie. Then Tarik calls his ex Minty, but Hazel isn’t having it. Lastly, Yara tries to break through to Jovi, and Stephanie reunites with her lover Harris. Will there be a midseason fiancé swap? We’ll just have to wait to find out!

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