’90 Day Fiancé’: The Broken Hearts Club (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with our favorite crazy couples? Without Brandon and Julia to nag about farm work, we can finally focus on what’s really at stake: Mike and Natalie on the brink of a breakup, while Stephanie and Ryan have an explosive — yet mysterious — fight. Don’t expect any of these lovers to send a dozen roses to one another!

Mike & Natalie: Love Lost

Over dinner, Natalie suggests she and Mike go to a relationship therapist…to fix his problems. He understandably does not take her putting all the blame on him too well.

“I’ve been trying to work with her on stuff and talk to her,” Mike confesses. “I’m not going to spend a bunch of money just to have a simple conversation with Natalie.” He tells her that they have issues that cannot be solved through therapy and Natalie doesn’t know how to communicate with a partner.

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“He feels threatened, scared. I don’t know, it just pisses me off,” Natalie tells the camera.

“I think we’re going to need more than a psychologist,” Mike concludes.

After hitting a wall with Natalie, Mike meets up with his hairstylist-turned-informal personal therapist to vent about his relationship woes. She convinces Michael to go to counseling with Natalie; however, Mike is unsure if he and Natalie even love each other anymore. “I don’t want to make all these plans [for a wedding]. Maybe we just need to come to a conclusion that it’s not there,” Mike stoically states.

Yara & Jovi: Grow Up Already

Yara and Jovi head to Jovi’s parents’ home for an engagement party. Even though Yara is under the impression it will be a small dinner, Jovi’s mother Gwen laughs to the camera that she is throwing a large event with 60 guests.

Ahead of the festivities, Jovi’s father Monty scolds Yara for her bikini-clad photos on social media. Of course this delves into a discussion over Yara’s true intentions with Jovi. “A lot of Ukrainian women just try to get a guy to get them to America,” Gwen announces with a false confidence of authority. Is there such a thing as American-splaining? Yara clarifies that it was never her dream to come to the U.S. and she is even open to moving back to Europe after she and Jovi wed.

After a day of drinking, Jovi isn’t as attentive to his fiancée, and Yara calls him out on the way to the party. “If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d already be back in the Ukraine,” she snaps.

Tarik & Hazel: Real Love

Hazel and Tarik, 90 Day Fiancé


Tarik feels guilty about Hazel first experiencing America during COVID-19 lockdown. She is also worried about her son Harry back in the Philippines and calls to check in on his health. Tarik, Hazel, Ari, and Harry share an adorable moment via FaceTime with the soon-to-be step-siblings laughing together.

The couple explain in a confessional that their plans to bring Harry to the U.S. became more complicated in the midst of the pandemic. “It’s too much to wait for my son to come here,” Hazel tears up.

Amira & Andrew: Nothing New

After two weeks in Mexico, Andrew finally leaves the resort and heads back to Roseville, California. His mom picks him up, and Andrew cuddles with his dog while explaining his new plan to reunite with Amira in Serbia. Yawn.

Rebecca & Zied: Jealous Eyes

Rebecca brings Zied to dinner with her daughter Tiffany, son-in-law Micah, and their friends. One of their pals Hannah starts to flirt with Zied, even inviting herself along for a hunting trip and offering to help Zied move furniture while Rebecca’s away.

Rebecca, 90 Day Fiancé


“This young hot girl seems way overly focused on him,” Rebecca stresses to the camera. “Now on top of everything I notice that I’m the only one at the table in my age group. I know I signed up for this but in reality it makes me uncomfortable.”

Tiffany explains that her mother is insecure, but if she continues to act this way, her possessive nature could harm her relationship with Zied. In contrast, Zied is completely oblivious to Hannah’s advances.

Stephanie & Ryan: Payback Is A You-Know-What

Self-proclaimed hula-hooping champion Stephanie is living it up on the beach in Belize. Stephanie asks what beau Ryan’s mother thinks of their engagement — especially since Stephanie threatened to demand a reimbursement for the funds she previously sent. “When I share my money, I expect an ‘I appreciate that, thank you,'” Stephanie reprimands Ryan. “That’s when I said, ‘hey, she’s not going to be grateful, I’m going to ask for the money back.'”

According to Stephanie, she keeps the lights on and food on the table for Ryan’s family. Ryan explains that his mother just wants Stephanie to “stay out of her hair.”

Stephanie, 90 Day Fiancé


Stephanie can’t shake what her psychic Maria told her. At dinner, Stephanie tells Ryan that Maria warned her of Ryan’s future infidelity. “She sees us getting married but you leaving me for a younger woman,” Stephanie opens up.

Ryan isn’t having it. “I believe psychic has something to do with the devil,” he responds. “No one knows your future…How do I defend myself against a psychic comment reading? She doesn’t know me.”

Stephanie continues that Maria told her Ryan might marry a younger coworker instead to please his own mother and have children. But this worrisome bout is short-lived: Quickly Stephanie is back wanting to just get down and dirty with Ryan.

Ryan, 90 Day Fiancé


Shockingly, four hours later, Ryan is seen bolting out of their hotel room. “Are you afraid of the truth, Ryan?” Stephanie screams. “Why would you do that to me? With whose money? Ryan, oh my God are you kidding me!” And that’s how the episode ends!


Julia takes a pregnancy test and of course Brandon immediately tattles to his parents. Rebecca questions whether Zied might want to have kids down the road, while Stephanie calls a “friend” (could it be Harris?!) to come over to her hotel room. Plus, Natalie yells at Mike about how she’s out of his league. “Just because you think you’re the most hottest s**t in the world doesn’t make you a good person,” Mike throws some real talk in there.

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