‘Walking Dead’ First Look: Maggie Faces a Bloody Close Call in Harrowing Season 10C Premiere (VIDEO)

Things don’t seem to be going Maggie Rhee’s (Lauren Cohan) way.

AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama, The Walking Dead, picks up with Season 10C after the brutal war with the walker-wearing Whisperers has ended — a battle that saw the hardened hero Maggie resurface after years spent raising her son and helping to build more communities.

'The Walking Dead' Extended Season 10 First Look: Maggie's Gonna Blow (VIDEO)See Also

'The Walking Dead' Extended Season 10 First Look: Maggie's Gonna Blow (VIDEO)

Plus, get your first glimpse of Negan's wife Lucille, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's real-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan.

In the return episode, “Home Sweet Home,” Maggie embarks on a journey to gather her new group of people, and quickly faces immediate danger. While clearing out a space filled with the dead, a shipping container chock-full of walkers pops open. Maggie gets a bloody gash on her arm trying to close it, and it seems the horde inside might be a match for the powerful mama. Thankfully, old pal Daryl (Norman Reedus) is on hand to help her reseal the container, as well as the mysterious masked man (who we now know is Okea Eme-Akwari’s Elijah, a friend of Maggie’s), first seen earlier in Season 10.


Aside from hungry walkers, as seen in the clip above, Maggie also must deal with the nerves of being separated from her son (will he be OK when she returns?) and the impending tension when she comes face to face with her husband’s murderer, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Check out our harrowing first look clip of “Home Sweet Home” above.

The Walking Dead 10C, Premieres February 21, AMC+, and Sunday, February 28, 9/8c, AMC