‘The Stand’ Finale Sneak Peek: Frannie Meets Her Daughter (VIDEO)

Is there hope to be found in The Stand finale?

Frannie (Odessa Young) doesn’t seem to think so in this sneak peek, all the more upsetting because she’s talking in voiceover to her infant daughter, who we have yet to meet. As the residents of Boulder try to rebuild their community, Frannie, addressing the unseen baby, says, “I wish I could tell you every story has a happy ending. Truth is, most stories don’t end at all, not really.”

“How long before we go from rebuilding back to just living again?” Frannie asks.

Watch the clip above for more — and to meet Boulder’s newest baby.

The finale is written by Stephen King, “who has always expressed regret at the original ending of the novel and how it didn’t feel to him like Frannie got to, as he puts it, make her stand,” Young previously told TV Insider.

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