‘Married at First Sight’: An Epic Reveal Leaves Chris & Paige in Crisis (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Briana Vincent
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 5, “Last Night Was Magic.”]

It looks as if Married at First Sight‘s 12th season could be the show’s most dramatic yet, thanks to a situation building up to Jerry Springer proportions.

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Chris and Paige's rocky start hits some more bumps in this week's episode.

In Episode 5’s “Last Night Was Magic,” Chris and Paige’s less-than-perfect union hits even rougher bumps during their Las Vegas honeymoon. The other pairs also learn more about one another as they engage in special activities, date nights, and more.

Below, all of the juicy details, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Honeymoon Kick-Off

MAFS Season 12 Virginia Erik


It’s the first official day of the couples’ Las Vegas honeymoons and some learning’s taking place. Clara and Ryan have some pillow talk before heading out for an excursion, and it’s revealed that while he’s fairly regimented, Clara is, well, less so.

Meanwhile, Virginia and Erik prepare for a day at the pool, and he tells the cameras that he’s starting to see how they differ, noting their ages as the biggest issue — but not necessarily a bad one.

Things between Chris and Paige are unseasonably cold after he receives some “devastating news,” but won’t clue her in as to what it’s about. She walks away to question producers, but that gets her nowhere.

On a brighter note, Vincent’s grandmother, who was believed to have had a heart attack, is doing much better, which means he won’t be leaving early — and he conveys his gratefulness to Briana for her support. They discuss living situations with her hoping for a high-rise apartment as opposed to his preferred condo, but even this can’t burst their little bliss bubble, at least until he spooks her with early talk about kids.

As for Haley and Jacob, they awkwardly discuss workout routines, but still seem more at ease compared to how earlier conversations went.

Chris’ ‘Devastating News’ (Yeah, It’s Something)

MAFS Season 12 Paige


Paige continues to push Chris to tell her about his news. He takes her to their hotel bathroom and turns on all of the water spouts, and turns their mics off. When Paige eventually exits the bathroom, she just says she’s numb. She visits with Briana, and Chris meets with Vincent to chew things over.

So, what’s the news? Chris’s ex-fiancee is six weeks pregnant! Yes, you read that right. Paige tells Briana she isn’t sure she can continue with the marriage. Meanwhile, Vincent wonders why this news is just coming to light. Chris admits that despite breaking things off with his ex a while ago, it didn’t mean the end of their intimacy. Vincent wants to know if Chris is interested in getting back with her, but doesn’t get much of an answer. Briana she wants the marriage to end for Paige’s sake, but Vincent hopes things can be worked out.

Fun in Vegas

MAFS Season 12 Clara Ryan


Clara and Ryan visit dolphins and discuss kids. Things will definitely have to be worked out since Clara doesn’t want to force religion on them, and Ryan wants to instill the morals he learned through the church. Then things get contentious when Clara wonders aloud if Ryan is ready for a roommate (he’s pretty focused on his living space). The cracks are beginning to appear.

Likewise, while Erik and Virginia are enjoying their time together, her penchant for partying is a concern for the more reserved Erik. When she brings up her having guy friends, he says women and men can’t be friends and that her hanging out with other guys isn’t cool. Is that a deal-breaker for Virginia? It certainly seems it could be, even though the pair enjoy a day by the pool.

Dinner Time

MAFS Season 12 Vincent


All of the couples go to different dinner spots around the Mandalay Bay Resort. While most meals go swimmingly, particularly Briana and Vincent’s, who reveal to the camera that they’ve consummated their relationship, two couples hit snags. Paige and Chris understandably have a tough time as they talk through his situation, and he apologizes for putting her through so much trouble. Paige admits that she would probably walk away if it were Decision Day, but that she’s willing to give things a try — if Chris is.

Virginia’s toasty feet seem to freeze during a conversation with Erik about kids when she learns that he’ll only be present 15 days out of each month. She was already only half-convinced about pursuing parenthood to begin with.

Group Gathering

MAFS Season 12 Chris Paige


The couples gather for cocktails, where Paige and Chris share their situation. While most couples are optimistic, Chris excuses himself for a moment to cryA as the combined pressure of his religious beliefs, his rocky brand-new marriage, and out-of-wedlock baby gets too much for him. Paige follows and tries to comfort him, but he’s inconsolable. When they return, Erik and Virginia arrive late and manage to add to the tension by bragging about their love match. After the other couples clue them into Chris and Paige’s situation, they show support for Paige, and Virginia questions Chris, asking if the baby really is his.

Needless to say, he’s offended, but things stay calm. Will Chris burst by the next episode, or can he deal with the hurdles he’s created for himself and Paige? Tune in next week to find out.

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