‘Married at First Sight’: All the Best Moments From ‘Romance or Regret’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Paige Chris
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 4, “Romance or Regret.”]

Season 12 of Married at First Sight is getting wilder and wilder with each passing episode and the latest installment, “Romance or Regret,” is no exception.

The couples are only just meeting their in-laws and heading out on their honeymoons but the drama is reaching astronomical heights. Below, we’re breaking it all down but beware of major spoilers ahead.

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The couples are learning just how different they are from each other after saying 'I do.'

Going to Bed & Waking Up Together

MAFS Season 12 Briana Vincent

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The vibes between all five sets of newlyweds is fairly positive heading into their first night together and picking up where the prior episode left off, we see them getting more comfortable with their new spouses. It’s the next morning when things begin getting real for the pairs. While Haley learns how much Jacob likes to drone on, Ryan addresses the fact that his new bride Clara is a restless sleeper and learns she’s not a fan of his fave show Breaking Bad, and Erik drops the divorce bomb, telling Virginia about his past marriage.

But none of this compares to the storm brewing between Chris and Paige who are not seen waking up together. Instead, we see Paige alone in their room as she tells cameras that Chris left early to get them breakfast but hasn’t returned to the room in hours. Once he does show up, he tells Paige he’s been having a panic attack and says that the attraction isn’t there for him. The news is particularly hurtful for Paige who is discouraged by the fact that they had been intimate more than once over the course of the night.

Meeting with the In-Laws

MAFS Season 12 Paige

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Kicking the in-law meetups off is Clara and Ryan, while she meets his parents, he meets hers and there’s one snag in the fabric of their new union when Clara realizes just how religious his parents are. Could her aversion to it prove detrimental? Meanwhile, Erik stirs things up with Virginia’s family when he reveals his prior marriage. Virginia’s dad tells Erik that that’s why Virginia has been so hesitant to commit to someone in the past since she’s a child of divorce.

Haley discovers that her husband’s parents are just as monotone as he is and Brianna is told that Vincent is a workaholic while meeting with his friends and family. But, of course, it’s Paige’s meeting with Chris’ family that’s most interesting as she lays everything on the table, telling them about her and Chris’ consummation and his admittance that he’s not really attracted to her. Chris’ dad praises his son’s honesty and they tell Paige that things will work out for the best. When Chris learns what his family knows, he’s upset, but his father tells him that hurting Paige is not allowed.


MAFS Season 12 clara ryan

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Following the in-law meetups, the spouses discuss what transpired during the gatherings. Ryan mentions that Clara’s parents talked about having healthy arguments. Jacob pours Haley a drink and mentions that he learned about his wife’s similar love for steak that he has. Briana tells Vincent that she was told to keep him calm in arguments, but he counters that he only gets mad over disrespectful things.

Meanwhile, Chris confronts Paige about her spilling the beans on their sex life, he’s upset she’d tell his family so freely. She doesn’t see the issue and says that she spoke with male friends about the situation, saying that they told her it’s not normal he slept with her if he doesn’t find her attractive. To make tensions worse, when he says he has an issue with having the private info out there, Paige counters by saying he seems to have a lot of problems with a lot of things.

As for Erik, he learns that Virginia isn’t entirely sold on the idea of having kids, as he begins to realize she hasn’t grown out of her partying phase.

Getting Ready

MAFS Season 12 Virginia Erik

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Next, the show shifts over to its next phase of the social experiment as the couples prepare for their honeymoon. Left alone to think while Paige gets her hair done, Chris finally apologizes for her behavior when she returns to the hotel, even if it’s half-hearted. This mood lift comes just in time as gift baskets for the pairs are delivered, revealing where they’ll spend their first getaway together. This season, Married at First Sight chose Las Vegas, sending the newlyweds to Mandalay Bay resort. While everyone is relatively excited, expert traveler Haley is the most excited as she prepares graphic-t-wearing hubby Jacob for the big trip.

Jetting Off & Landing in Vegas

MAFS Season 12 Vincent Briana

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At the airport, Chris is quick to begin judging the pairings, stating in a testimonial clip that he feels bad for Haley since she was paired with Jacob, but he’s approving of Briana and Vincent who seem like a great match. Maybe he should be focusing on his own marriage though, right? With some minor bumps like Haley forgetting her phone on the plane, the couples arrive in Sin City, and while the trip looks bright for most, Vincent gets some upsetting news. His grandmother has had a heart attack and he’s unsure whether he should stay or go. Luckily Briana is by his side and is extremely supportive to the point where Vincent says Briana will never know just how appreciative he is of her compassion.

Will one couple’s trip be cut short? Find out next week as the honeymoon carries on.

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