‘Legacies’ Kaylee Bryant on How Playing Elena in the Salvatore Musical Helps Josie

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Get ready for Salvatore: The Musical on Legacies, a play being put on by the town’s high school for the young and gifted in an homage to the Vampire Diaries franchise. And its lead role of Elena (Nina Dobrev in Diaries) is none other than Josie, played by Kaylee Bryant.

“I was definitely apprehensive and nervous at first because obviously Elena was what started it all,” Bryant tells TV Insider. “But I’m so glad I got the opportunity to, in a weird way, embody Elena, whether it be by Josie-proxy or not.”

Here, Bryant takes us inside the musical and talks happiness ahead for Josie.

What did you want to bring to the role of  Elena?

Kaylee Bryant: The reality is Elena is Josie’s aunt, so if you were taking your aunt as a character, how would you do that? It was fun to add the extra layer of working with Ben Levin as Stefan [originally Paul Wesley] since Jed, who he usually plays, had a huge crush on Alyssa Chang, who Josie killed recently.

Can embodying Elena help Josie in some way with what she’s been going through?

When I was told Josie was playing Elena, I was a little confused, very much like Josie is. I didn’t see much relation between them, but the more I dug into it, as Josie does, the more I realized they’re constantly trying to figure out what is best for themselves as well as everybody around them, and finding that balance. It very much helps Josie come to terms with her next steps and what she needs to do to be healthy.

What can you preview about the monster-of-the-week?

It isn’t a physical battle, it’s more of a battle of wits. It involves this school a lot more than the average monster.

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Is there a specific moment from The Vampire Diaries you were excited to do?

The most iconic line that came out of The Vampire Diaries was “Hello, brother” by Damon [originally played by Ian Somerhalder] to Stefan and [vice versa], so we have an entire song called “Hello, Brother” with Ben Levin and Chris Lee [who plays Kaleb] that I get to be a part of. It’s such a catchy song.

How has Josie’s dark magic chapter changed things between her and her sister Lizzie [Jenny Boyd]?

Their relationship is a beautiful thing because it’s so flawed yet so perfect. Even though Josie did awful things to Lizzie, Lizzie stays by Josie’s side no matter what. The fact Lizzies steps up and says, “You’re done casting, my sister needs to play the lead,” says a lot. Their dynamic this season is very much about Josie coming to terms [with things] and maturing, and Lizzie learning to be OK with that.

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Josie’s relationship with her father, Alaric [Matthew Davis], had to change as a result of what she does, too.

Absolutely. Alaric really steps up and says, “I’m here as your father as much as I am your headmaster, if not more so.”

So, will she find happiness in her love life?

[Let’s just say] I really hope the fans are as excited as I am to see Josie in a new relationship with somebody they don’t know.

Will Josie continue struggling with using her magic?

That’s pretty much her entire arc the beginning of Season 3. She gave up her magic but is still living in a school filled with magic, and if we know anything about what Kai Parker [Chris Wood] went through, magic isn’t just something she deals with like a regular witch. It’s more like something she’s addicted to — once she starts, she can’t stop. Her friends and family are used to her being the answer to all of their magical problems that once they realize she isn’t there for them in that way, there’s a whole other level of readjustment for everybody.

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How would you want Josie portrayed in a Legacies: The Musical?

I don’t know… We were all left to our own devices and had so much fun that I hope if that ever does happen, whoever plays Josie just has a really good time.

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