‘Call Me Kat’ Sneak Peek: Kat’s Mother Could Push Her Into Therapy (VIDEO)

In the January 21 episode of Call Me Kat, “Therapy,” Mayim Bialik‘s titular character deals with a serious dilemma over what to do with her mother Sheila (Swoosie Kurtz), who comes to stay and is driving her crazy.

“I mean, we’ve always butted heads, but it’s gotten really bad,” Kat laments in the exclusive sneak peek clip, above.

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After adding that it’s “cage-fight bad,” Kat’s friends step in to offer some advice. “Y’all just can’t be be bringing your drama into the cafe like that, because then it becomes my drama, and Randi doesn’t do drama,” Kyla Pratt‘s Randi says matter-of-factly.

When Kat says then she’ll have to just kill her mother, Max (Cheyenne Jackson) intervenes. “Would you consider therapy as a plan B?” he asks.

Call Me Kat Mayim Bialik

Lisa Rose/FOX

Will Kat, who adamantly protests the suggestion, go with it anyway? See the full conversation in the clip above, and see how her mother-daughter predicament unfolds in “Therapy” on Thursday, January 21.

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