‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments from ‘Hello, Stranger’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 12 Clara Ryan
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 2, “Hello, Stranger.”]

Wedding bells are ringing for most of Married at First Sight‘s Season 12 couples in the latest episode, “Hello, Stranger.”

Coming face-to-face with their new spouses for the first time, three out of four pairs become man and wife in this jam-packed episode. Below, we break down the pre-nuptial dramas and altar surprises so beware of spoilers ahead.

Clara & Ryan

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara Ryan


Clara and Ryan are the first couple up to bat and once their views are clear, they’re both pleased to finally make each others’ acquaintance. Sharing some deeply personal vows with on another, Ryan tells Clara she’s always been with him in heart and mind, bringing tears to her eyes.

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After sharing a kiss and walking down the aisle together, Clara and Ryan’s nerves are obvious in their initial banter. Clara learns her new last name is Oubre and opens up about her biggest fear, which is that she’ll fall in love and Ryan won’t return her feelings. Talk about being put on the spot.

Virginia & Erik

Married at First Sight Season 12 Virginia Erik


Second in the lineup are partier Virginia and pilot Erik who prepare for their wedding with friends and family before meeting at the altar. Erik’s friends discuss his past, including his first marriage, and he clarifies that to him this wedding is really his first, as he didn’t even wear a ring in his previous relationship, which was a marriage of convenience. Virginia, on the other hand, begins nursing her bachelorette party hangover by tossing back some shots, settling down enough (we bet) to walk down the aisle.

Giggly throughout the vows, Virginia isn’t shy about showing her affection, leaning in without a second thought for her and Erik’s first kiss. The kisses continue after they’re finally alone together and share their first conversation. She jokes about how she packed a cooler for her room, and hits up the bar again as they gear up for photos. Virginia’s aggressive affection isn’t lost on Erik, who notes her intensity during a testimonial clip.

Briana & Vincent

Married at First Sight Season 12 Vincent Briana


Briana and Vincent are the third couple to say “I do,” and they receive some reassuring words from their families and friends before the big moment. As Briana’s mother talks about how proud she is of her daughter going after the love she thinks she deserves, Vincent prays with his friends. Once they meet at the altar, Briana and Vincent’s attraction towards each other is obvious in their wide smiles. Although Briana’s family warns Vincent that she’s the boss now, it doesn’t seem to deter his certainty in the union.

Once they have time alone together, Briana and Vincent quickly become very comfortable with one another.

The Festivities

Married at First Sight Season 12 Ryan Clara

(Credit: Lifetime)

Now it’s time for the party portion of their big days. While Virginia can’t seem to keep her lips from new hubby Erik, he seems alarmed by the fact that she’s clearly a party animal. Meanwhile, Vincent’s fears about how his career as a car broker will be received are put at ease when Briana says she’s impressed with his work.

And despite an instant connection at the altar and a shared interest in political science, Ryan seems to grow wary of Clara when she gets candid about her distaste for the make up and hair job she’s received. Through all of this, the couples hear from their family and friends as speeches reveal more about their personalities.

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Paige & Chris

MAFS Season 12 Paige


In a tease ahead of Episode 3, Paige and Chris prepare for their wedding. She’s more excited than ever to be meeting her groom, whereas Chris is more concerned about his looks, hoping he has the right swag for his new wife. His grandparents are there by his side to show their support as Paige receives a gift from Chris in her hotel room. She takes the infinity pendant necklace as a sign from god as she has an infinity symbol tattoo. Things get spiritual as prayers are said on both sides, and the impending spouses prepare for their big walk. Don’t miss how things turn out in next week’s episode.

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