‘Dickinson’ Sneak Peek Shows Emily’s Writer’s Block Leads to Sweet Father-Daughter Moment (VIDEO)

Season 2 of Dickinson wastes no time in pushing Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) toward greater fame, which is causing its share of problems. Add a new one, according to this sneak peek of Episode 4: Writer’s block.

In “The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun,” Emily’s earlier decision to publish her poems with Springfield Republican editor Sam Bowles (Finn Jones) results in a scary loss of creativity.

'Dickinson' Cast & Creator on an 'Icon of Privacy's Struggles With Fame & More Season 2 DetailsSee Also

'Dickinson' Cast & Creator on an 'Icon of Privacy's Struggles With Fame & More Season 2 Details

Hailee Steinfeld, Alena Smith, Ella Hunt, and more preview what fans can expect.

But all is not lost. As this clip shows, her father’s (Toby Huss) attempt at understanding the problem ends on the sweetest of note, with an admission sure to break hearts.

“In season one, Emily [came] up against the disapproval of her father, and really wins the right to be an artist,” series creator Alena Smith told TV Insider. But in season two, she finds that the world “is a pretty complicated place.” It helps then, to know, that her father’s on her side.

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And, as the episode plays out, fans will see Emily rediscover inspiration on a chance encounter with Frederick Law Olmsted (played by Veep‘s Timothy Simons).

“He and Emily get lost in a hedge maze together,” Smith teased on set last year.

Don’t miss Dickinson‘s latest episode when it drops on Apple TV+ this Friday.

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