Mr. Wilford Shakes Up ‘Snowpiercer’ in New Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

Snowpiercer Daveed Diggs Jennifer Connelly
David Bukach/TNT

Snowpiercer is bringing viewers double the trouble with Big Alice attached to the post-apocalyptic train’s caboose.

In a new trailer for the TNT drama, returning Monday, January 25 for Season 2, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) causes a stir with his return from the presumed dead. As fans will recall, the prototype train Big Alice emerged from the frigid landscape and attached itself to Snowpiercer in Season 1’s final moments.

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'Snowpiercer's Mr. Wilford & Layton Face Off in Season 2 First Look (VIDEO)

Get a sneak peek at 'Game of Thrones' alum Sean Bean in the new trailer, and find out when new episodes will arrive.

Along with revealing that Mr. Wilford was alive, Snowpiercer engineer Melanie’s (Jennifer Connelly) daughter Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard) was also among Big Alice’s passengers. After creating peace and merging classes within in Snowpiercer, Layton (Daveed Diggs) is now faced with the new challenge of trying to maintain peace with a whole other train.

That might be easier said than done, considering Melanie left Mr. Wilford for dead seven years prior. The intended head of Snowpiercer appears to be getting some kind of revenge over Melanie by mentoring Alexandra.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Sean Bean Jennifer Connelly

(Credit: David Bukach/TNT)

As loyalties between Layton and Mr. Wilford are torn, new technology and developments could further divide or bring these survivors together to save humanity. Check out the new trailer below and don’t miss Snowpiercer when it returns to TV later this month.

Snowpiercer, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, January 25, 9/8c, TNT