‘The Masked Dancer’: Is Zebra a Performer? Plus 3 Guest Panelists Revealed (VIDEO)

Singing or dancing doesn’t have to be a celebrity’s profession to appear on the Masked shows, but might one of the contestants on the spinoff be trained?

That’s what the panelists are thinking about Zebra in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the January 6 episode of The Masked Dancer. The Group B Premiere introduces the remaining five contestants — Sloth, Ice Cube, Zebra, Cotton Candy, and Moth — and the panelists are picking up things about one of them outside of the dancing.

Ken Jeong thinks Zebra “may be a trained dancer” and says he’s “been in character from the very beginning.” Brian Austin Green agrees, suggesting he’s “a performer who moves really well.” Watch the clip above to find out why and to see Paula Abdul dancing a bit in her seat.

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Plus, learn more about the process behind suiting up for the dance show.

TV Insider is also exclusively revealing three upcoming guest panelists: Cheryl Hines (January 13), Rob Lowe (January 20), and Whitney Cummings (Super Six episode on January 27).

Hosted by Craig Robinson, The Masked Dancer follows in Singer‘s footsteps with costumed celebrities showing off their moves. The celebrity dancers combined have more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy Award wins, 20 Grammy Award nominations, 10 World Dancing titles, five New York Times Best-Selling Author titles, four Olympic gold medals, and three Broadway show appearances.

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'The Masked Dancer's Paula Abdul on 'Salivating' When It's 'Word Up' Time

The panelist also reveals what she sees that leads to correct guesses.

The premiere (on a special night, December 27) introduced the first five performers. While Hammerhead, Tulip, Cricket, and Exotic Bird are still in the running for the Diamond Mask Trophy, Disco Ball was eliminated. Under the mask was Ice-T.

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