‘9-1-1’ Season 4 Preview: It’s All Downhill in a Landslide for Athena, Maddie & Chimney


9-1-1 is back for its fourth season on January 18, which follows an epic train crash in May’s Season 3 finale.

This time it’s all downhill for L.A.’s first responders — literally: A massive landslide threatens everything in its path, including the famed Hollywood sign. “When a disaster of that kind hits,” hints showrunner Tim Minear, “you better worry about every member of your team.”

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Also, police officer Athena (Angela Bassett) continues to grapple with the trauma of her violent attack, while 9-1-1 operator Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and firefighter beau Chimney (Kenneth Choi) deal with impending parenthood complicated by a pandemic.

“These two always find a way to make it work,” promises Minear, “no matter what life throws at them.”

9-1-1, Monday, Jan. 18, 8/7c, Fox