‘9-1-1’ & ‘Lone Star’ Crossover: When It’s Happening & Who’s Helping the 126

9-1-1 Lone Star Cast Fox
Kevin Estrada/FOX; Victor Ceballos / FOX

Fans won’t wait long to see the two 9-1-1s crossing over in 2021.

The 9-1-1 and Lone Star event happens on Monday, February 1, in the shows’ third episode, The Wrap reports. The “bulk of the crossover story” will be on the spinoff, which makes sense, given the other details revealed.

The 118’s Henrietta “Hen” Wilson (Aisha Hinds), Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark), and Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman) leave behind Los Angeles to aid with a massive wildfire in the 126’s Austin, Texas. We already knew about Buck and Eddie making the jump, thanks to a photo posted on Twitter in November 2020 by showrunner Tim Minear. Shortly after that, Lone Star‘s Ronen Rubinstein (T.K. Strand) shared the script cover on social media and revealed the title: “Hold the Line.”

While it’s been clear the two shows take place in the same universe — the 126 heard about the wild head injury 118’s Chimney (Kenneth Choi) suffered, and both stations dealt with the same woman (Pepper, played by Erin Karpluk) on a call — this will be the first time first responders from both meet and work alongside one another.

“It’s time now that we can cross-pollinate those worlds a little bit,” Minear told TV Insider in May 2020. “I actually have a couple of ideas that are traditional crossover ideas and then ways to have stories cross over between episodes that aren’t necessarily one cast guesting on the other episode.”

Since this is clearly the “traditional crossover,” we’ll have to wait and see if the new seasons also include any of those other ideas.

9-1-1, Season 4 Premiere, Monday, January 18, 8/7c, Fox

9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, January 18, 9/8c, Fox