Jack Bannon Previews ‘Pennyworth’ Season 2 & the ‘Clever Piece of Casting’ on the Way (Video)

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The butler does it again!

In Season 2 of Pennyworth, the wildly creative origin story of one of DC Comics’ coolest characters, Batman’s future manservant Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) is back in the thick of a royal mess. A year has elapsed in ’60s London, and corrupt Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng) — last seen imprisoned for trying to kill the prime minister — controls the city. And within Harwood’s military, brutal henchwoman Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith) occupies a leadership role.


Our hero-to-be, meanwhile, still feels the trauma of having killed his own dad to save the Queen, and now, “the London Alfred knows is falling apart around him,” Bannon tells TV Insider. It gets worse: Alfie factors into a domestic entanglement between American CIA operative Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) and fellow spy Martha Kane (Emma Paetz), and a situation with his ex – SAS captain (James Purefoy). Gotham City probably looks pretty good right about now, right?

Bannon recently zoomed with us to chat about the new season and the darker shades of Alfie that are about to come out.

Pennyworth, Season 2 premiere, Sun. Dec, 13, 2020, Epix