‘Doctor Who’: Who’s Your Favorite Doctor? (POLL)

Doctor Who Tardis Interior
James Pardon/BBC America

Doctor Who has spanned over 50 years and, in that time, 13 people have held the titular role.

The British sci-fi series follows the alien Time Lord on adventures through space and time in a ship known as the TARDIS. Up until the current Doctor, Time Lord has been played by male leads. That changed when Jodie Whittaker took over in 2018 as the Thirteenth Doctor. (And this year, she’s not having an easy time of it; in the holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks,” she’s been incarcerated for what seems like a very long time.)

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'Doctor Who' Holiday Special: See the Doctor Incarcerated (PHOTOS)

Plus, what are companions Yaz, Ryan, and Graham up to back in Sheffield?


As with most shows, fans have their favorite characters or, in the case of Doctor Who, favorite Doctor. So, ahead of the annual special, TV Insider wants you to choose your favorite Doctor in the poll below.

Is it the original, William Hartnell in 1963? Patrick Troughton? Jon Pertwee? Christopher Eccleston, the first to star when the series returned in 2005? Or do you prefer a woman at the wheel? Let us know.

Doctor Who, “Revolution of the Daleks,” Friday, January 1, 2021, 8/7c, BBC America