Disney+ Announces Plans for 10 Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ Series in ‘Next Few Years’

disney plus wandavision mandalorian

Disney’s strategy to excite its financial investors looks like it will also make superhero and sci-fi fans pretty happy: During Disney Investor Day on December 10 the company unveiled plans for several upcoming Disney+ projects that include “roughly” 10 Marvel and 10 Star Wars series.

The streaming platform’s successful Star Wars franchise currently includes the The Mandalorian; coming up in early 2021, its first, and highly anticipated, Marvel series, WandaVision.

In a statement shared via Twitter the company says it’s also planning 15 Disney live-action, animation, and Pixar series, as well as producing 15 new films directly to Disney+.

This means that streamer will gain about 50 new titles in “the next few years,” it says. The platform already includes a hefty library of originals and old favorites including the smash hit musical Hamilton and all episodes of The Simpsons.