‘Virgin River’: 6 Theories About Who Shot [Spoiler]

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for all of Season 2 of Virgin River.]

We’ve had some time to sit with that major cliffhanger that ended the second season of Virgin River (released on November 27) and we still can’t say for certain who may have shot Jack (Martin Henderson).

As the finale ended, Jack was waiting for Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) — they’d finally gotten together after almost two full seasons — at the bar when he learned that Calvin (David Cubitt) and his drug smuggling operation was done. However, whether or not that bust had been made was unclear; we just knew that there would be consequences for all involved, including Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), who wasn’t too far gone (he wouldn’t kill someone off Calvin’s orders).

When someone entered, Jack assumed it was Mel, but the scene cut away, and when we picked back up in the bar, it was sometime later and she was just walking in. She found him bleeding from a gunshot wound on the ground.

So who shot him? First, let’s go over the big names we can definitely rule out: Mel, Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Doc (Tim Matheson), and Hope (Annette O’Toole).

We are left with a few possibilities as we wait to find out if the Netflix romantic drama will be renewed for a third season:


Whether or not he pulled the trigger himself, we know that he has plenty of people loyal to him. He could have had any one of them do the job, all because Jack interfered in his business.


It’s very unlikely that it was Brady, especially considering he couldn’t kill someone he didn’t know; he and Jack served together. But there’s always the possibility, especially since it didn’t look like Jack fought back too much. He wouldn’t have if he didn’t think the other person was a serious threat, and he wouldn’t have thought Brady would try to kill him.

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Jack’s ex-girlfriend didn’t take it too well when she found out that while they’ll always be in each other’s lives because of the twins she’s currently carrying, that’s it. And while Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) behavior has been questionable at times, it’s hard to imagine her deciding that her way of keeping Jack out of the twins’ lives — she said that the man she marries will be their father and they’ll figure out his role — is to shoot him.

Wes’ twin brother

Michelle (Lexa Doig) accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband, Wes (Steve Bacic), and Preacher helped her cover it up before she ran with her son. But as the second season drew to a close, Preacher thought he saw Wes in the bar … only to learn it was the guy’s twin brother. He knew all about Preacher and Michelle, and he wanted the chef to pass along a message: “Tell her I’m coming for her. And one way or another, she’s going to pay for whatever she did to my brother.” He also sent a message to Michelle, who sent her son (via a friend) to stay with Preacher.

We have no idea what he’s capable of and just how many messages he may be sending Michelle. Could the attempt on Jack’s life be one of them, simply because he was in Michelle’s orbit?

Someone From Jack’s Past

There’s so much to explore from before Mel came to Virgin River and met everyone, especially when it comes to Jack’s past, both in and out of the Marines. (We saw a bit in Season 2 with some old friends coming to town.) Might whoever shot Jack be opening up a mystery from his past?

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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

What if Jack just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if that bullet wasn’t meant for him? That would make it much harder to find out who shot him.

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