6 Questions ‘Virgin River’ Needs to Answer in Season 3

Alexandra Breckenridge Virgin River Season 2 Mel
Spoiler Alert

Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) finally were on the right track (together, in love, happy!) when it all came crashing to a halt with the major Virgin River Season 2 finale cliffhanger. And with the Netflix romantic drama returning on July 9, we’re taking a look back at where everyone left off.

It seemed like the couple took one step forward and two steps back for most of the second season (after doing the same in the first), and the fact that his ex-girlfriend Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is now pregnant and was living, for a time, in the town, didn’t help matters. But after a heartfelt declaration on Mel’s part, things were looking up … until she walked into the bar in the final scene of the season and found Jack bleeding on the ground. Will he survive?

Jack’s fate is just one of several loose ends for the upcoming third season. Scroll down to see more of our burning questions.

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Martin Henderson Virgin River Season 2 Jack

Who shot Jack?

We have no idea, yet. Mel walked in and found him bleeding on the floor behind the bar. Last we had seen him, presumably a bit earlier in the night, he had just gotten off the phone with Mike and learned that Calvin and his drug smuggling operation was being taken down (whether or not the bust had been made yet was unclear). He’d hung up when he heard someone walk in and assumed it was Mel. The final scene revealed otherwise.

Was it someone connected to Calvin’s operation? Was it someone from Jack’s past we have yet to meet? Was it just a matter of wrong place, wrong time? It didn’t look like there had been much of a fight (only a couple chairs were overturned), so chances are he was immediately surprised and the person shot him almost immediately.

Virgin River Season 2 Finale Jack Shot Mel

Will Jack survive?

Is this even really a question? There’s maybe a 5% chance that he doesn’t, and that would likely only happen if Henderson decided to leave or had to leave due to scheduling. Mel and Jack’s relationship is at the heart of the series. (The trailer for Season 3 does reveal he lives, but this is based on the episodes released thus far only.)

Colin Lawrence Virgin River Season 2 Preacher

Will Preacher stay in Virgin River?

Jack’s Marine friend and the chef at the bar, Preacher (Colin Lawrence), received quite the job offer as Season 2 came to an end. The visiting Jamie recommended her former mentor hire him at a restaurant in San Francisco, “the opportunity of a lifetime,” as she called it. And when Jack refused to entertain the possibility of making him partner at the bar, Preacher was ready to leave Virgin River behind … until someone returned who needs his help.

A friend of Michelle’s (or Paige’s, as he knew the woman who was hiding from her abusive ex-husband and then the police after she accidentally killed him) found him. Michelle’s husband’s twin brother got her number and left her a message. “Can I stay with you?” Michelle’s son asked. “Yeah, of course, absolutely,” Preacher told him.

Sure, Preacher could take him to San Francisco with him, but we’d bet that even if that’s the case (perhaps to steer clear of that twin brother), they’ll be back in Virgin River by the time Season 3 picks up or soon after.

Tim Matheson Annette O'Toole Virgin River Hope Doc

What's going on with Doc's health?

Just as Doc (Tim Matheson) and Hope (Annette O’Toole) planned to renew their vows (they’d never gotten divorced) and the town, of course, was ready to get involved, he had something to tell her that could mean bad news. He met with a doctor in another town, he said, but he didn’t confirm it was just for a check-up. “You’re scaring me,” she admitted. Before he could say more, their friends alerted them to the surprise party in the house. How worried should we be about Doc? Virgin River and the clinic wouldn’t be the same without him!

Steve Bacic Virgin River Season 2 Wes Twin Brother

How worried should we be about Wes' twin brother?

Preacher was in for a shock when Wes (Steve Bacic), Michelle’s abusive husband she’d accidentally killed and whose body he’d buried, seemingly walked into the bar. But it turned out to be his just-as or perhaps even more evil twin looking for him, and he knew all about Preacher and Michelle. “So give her a message for me,” Wes’ brother said. “Tell her I’m coming for her. And one way or another, she’s going to pay for whatever she did to my brother.” It didn’t sound like he was going to go away so easily, but it’s not like they can just bury the other twin alongside Wes … right?

Lauren Hammersley Virgin River Season 2 Charmaine

Will Jack be in his twins' lives?

Jack and Charmaine’s romantic relationship has long been over, but she was holding out hope. However, after he made it clear (again) that there wouldn’t be a reconciliation in their future, his role in the lives of their unborn twins was put in doubt. “I want a husband,” she told him. “The man I eventually marry will be the twins’ father, and we’ll just have to see where you fit in.” Obviously things are going to be very messy moving forward unless Charmaine has a change of heart. (But considering how she feels about Jack having Mel in his life, that’s not likely.)