‘Batwoman’ Season 2 Trailer: Ryan Wilder in Action & Kate’s Disappearance (VIDEO)

Batwoman Javicia Leslie Season 2 Ryan Wilder Trailer
The CW

New look, new Batwoman.

The official Season 2 trailer debuts Batwoman‘s newest addition, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), who will be putting on the cape and cowl … with a few alterations, as she warns Luke (Camrus Johnson).

Gotham needs a Batwoman, as the residents and Mary (Nicole Kang) stress (but to Luke, “Kate is Batwoman”), and Ryan is stepping up to the plate. Alice (Rachel Skarsten) thinks the one taking over for her twin Kate Kane (Ruby Rose, who exited between seasons) is “going to be a handful,” and that dynamic should be quite interesting — especially since the villain is planning something big.

As for Kate, right off the bat, the promo clues us in on how the CW superhero drama will handle her being gone. “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. How I wonder where you’re at,” Alice sings before we see a newspaper headline: “Whatever happened to Kate Kane?” It appears she went missing after a jet crash, and her father Jacob (Dougray Scott) refuses to give up hope she’s alive.

Watch the promo below to see Ryan Wilder in action as Batwoman.

“[Ryan] was a girl who was a statistic of injustice the moment she was born and the system was not built for this person and she will constantly battle against the system,” showrunner Caroline Dries said at the show’s DC FanDome panel in September. “She’s battled through it her whole life and she will continue to battle against it as Batwoman.” And according to Leslie, her character looks to help the community she’s part of, one that’s “been neglected by the system.”

Other than the questions surrounding the new Batwoman, there’s also the matter of what happened to the first one. “Is she alive? Is she dead?” Dries asked during that panel. “Is she missing? Is she on the run? Is she held captive? Is she lost? These are all huge mysteries that push us deep into the season. All of our characters are going to have different perspectives on that, different conspiracy theories, different points of view, and it will create a lot of drama, tension, mystery, intrigue, and it will be shocking and awesome and amazing.”

After all, that newspaper article may just be part of a cover story; Gotham didn’t know she was Batwoman.

Batwoman, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, January 17, 8/7c, The CW