‘SEAL Team’s David Boreanaz on Buffy’s Love Triangle

David Boreanaz Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Angel
20th Century Fox Film Corp./Courtesy: Everett Collection

David Boreanaz may be on his second series regular role (Seeley Booth on Bones, currently Jason Hayes on SEAL Team) since his Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel days, but the love triangle from those two series is still a hot topic — and he’s picking a team.

Boreanaz is clearly on the side of his character when it comes to which vampire — Angel or Spike (James Marsters) — is the right choice for Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

“The first love is your true love. Your true love is your first love. And that’s all I have to say,” he told Variety. Boreanaz starred as Angel on Buffy for the first three seasons before moving to his own spinoff in 1999 (and returning for guest spots over the years).

The debate was reignited when politician Stacey Abrams wrote on Twitter in November, “Angel was the right boyfriend for Buffy coming into her power. Spike was the right man to be with as she became the power.” Alyson Hannigan, who played Buffy’s best friend, Willow, at first agreed before adding that the vampire slayer should have dated her character.

Gellar’s pick was the same as Boreanaz’s in 2017. “There was something so beautiful to me about the Buffy and Angel story,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I think that Spike understood a different part of who Buffy was and I think she needed to understand that and discover. But for me as Buffy, I think Angel.”

And while Marsters thought “it would take some years” but eventually his character “could grow into the vampire that deserves her,” the star told EW, “what the show was saying very clearly was that Angel was her One, but it was impossible. I think the show was equally clear that Spike was not the right answer.”

The good news is that while both series may have ended years ago, all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are both streaming on Hulu for you to decide your thoughts on the love triangle.