‘Someone Has to Die’: 3 Reasons to Stream Netflix’s New Drama

Someone Has to Die Netflix

The Falcón family’s dashing son Gabino (Alejandro Speitzer) returns to his life of privilege in 1950s Spain after 10 years in Mexico in Netflix’s Someone Has to Die.

Why was he away? And who’s Lázaro (Isaac Hernández), the friend he brought along? Those questions, the provocative title and a whole lot more had us addicted.

1. Family Intrigue

Gabino’s parents, Gregorio and Mina (Ernesto Alterio and Cecilia Suárez), expect their son to wed family friend Cayetana (Ester Expósito), but she has the hots for Lázaro, who, in turn, cozies up to unhappily married Mina.

2. The Downton Abbey Vibe

Like the soapy PBS Masterpiece drama, Someone Has to Die gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of the elite, as well as their servants’. Housekeeper Rosario (Mariola Fuentes) is positively desperate to hide the truth about her husband.

Someone Has to Die cast Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

3. One Mean Granny

Amparo (Carmen Maura), Gregorio’s mother, isn’t afraid to threaten with a gun or her tongue. If she seems on edge, that’s understandable: The fact that her husband died right around the time Gabino left is quite suspicious.

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