‘The Flight Attendant’s Megan Has Secrets — What Is She Hiding?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the first three episodes of The Flight Attendant.]

Compared to party girl Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco), who woke up in Bangkok with a dead body next to her, fellow flight attendant Megan Briscoe (Rosie Perez) may seem a bit boring. But as the first three episodes (released on November 26) of the HBO Max series reveal, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

At first, Megan seems like an innocent enamored of her “glamorous” co-worker, which is how she describes Cassie. But drunk one night during their Rome stopover, she tells Cassie, hoping to pique her interest, that she’s “keeping so many secrets.”

Episode 2 introduces the first real clues that Megan’s up to something: She has a roll of cash in a rooster bank in her house, and she uses a bottle of pills to pay a friend’s son for an untraceable flash in a humorously cliché drug deal in a parking lot at night.

Episode 3 reveals why she needs those drives: “This is so exciting. Corporate espionage,” she whispers to a man she meets at a café. He instructs her to download files off of her husband’s work computer before making the drop for his associate to pick up. When she expresses some reservations, he says, “It is a shame the way that company treats your husband,” which we can assume is how they convinced her to do this in the first place. “They just don’t appreciate him, do they?”

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He also tells her, seemingly not for the first time, that should someone discover what she’s doing, his company in Seoul would help her family “because you are very special to us.”

So she does the deed, copying 44 items including a proprietary retinal scanner and, after she makes the drop, she leaves Cassie a voicemail asking if she could get her on the Tokyo-Seoul route the following month.

This all might explain why Megan spills about Cassie and passenger 3C, the murdered Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), about their flirting and possible date when the FBI questions the flight crew following his death — to cover her own less-than-legal actions. And why she wonders if the agents had asked Cassie anything about her.

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Other suspicious Megan moves: She mentions dropping something off during that Rome stopover, which could be connected to the files she “borrows” from her husband.

Kim Hammond’s (Merle Dandridge) friend in the CIA was clearly right: “Flight attendants are the most likely to be foreign assets because of the unfettered travel.”

Will Cassie learn what Megan’s up to? While she tries to figure out Alex’s death, might she also look into what the other flight attendant is hiding? It does seem likely that, sooner or later, the two storylines will intersect. Could Megan’s spy games somehow be connected to all the mysteries Cassie is uncovering about passenger 3C and those around him? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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