‘The Amazing Race’: Will & James Kick Off the First Mega Leg in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The Amazing Race has been taking viewers around the world for years, but never like it’s about to do in Season 32, which kicks off its first ever Mega Leg in the November 25 episode — and TV Insider has a sneak peek of the action.

What does a Mega Leg involve? It means the remaining competitors will participate in double the detours and double the road blocks as they travel double the distance in back-to-back episodes. That’s right, check-ins with host Phil Keoghan are being cut in half as participants prepare for a marathon-like leg.

Phil Keoghan Reflects on Standout 'Amazing Race' Moments Ahead of Season 32See Also

Phil Keoghan Reflects on Standout 'Amazing Race' Moments Ahead of Season 32

Executive producer Elise Doganieri also teases what's to come in the long-awaited new season.

Executive producer and series co-creator Bertram van Munster tells TV Insider how he keeps the show fresh after traveling a million miles and visiting almost 100 countries: “There are few places on this earth I have not been to, so I have a good understanding of unique habits and cultures that give me a never-ending supply of ideas.”

In this exclusive sneak peek at the extra-special episode, competitors Will and James kick off the Mega Leg by flying over 2,000 miles from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Hyderabad, India where they’ll begin their detours and road blocks.

“The Mega Leg is very intimidating. I know Phil said it was double everything, so we’re anticipating a lot of curve balls coming our way today,” James says in the clip.

The Amazing Race Phil Keoghan

(Credit: CBS)

Check it out above and don’t miss The Amazing Race‘s first ever Mega Leg when the episode airs on CBS.

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