‘The Undoing’s Hugh Grant & Noah Jupe on the Show’s Biggest Twists Yet

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 5 of The Undoing, “Trial by Fury.”]

The twists and turns just keep on coming in HBO’s thrilling whodunit The Undoing. We were able to go straight to the source(s) to ask some questions about where things might land.

In the penultimate episode, “Trial by Fury,” the trial for Elena Alves’ (Matilda De Angelis) murder continues with new seeds of doubt sprouting about Jonathan’s (Hugh Grant) guilt. Well, a big seed: Jonathan’s therapist wife Grace (Nicole Kidman) learns that her charismatic husband is something of a sociopath after she has a phone call with his mother.

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According to his mother, from whom Jonathan is estranged, he felt no remorse nor any kind of emotion over his younger sister’s death when he was growing up; worse, it took place under his watch when the young girl ran out into the street and was hit by a car. Disturbed by the revelation, Grace attempts to find solace by checking on her son Henry (Noah Jupe) before turning in for the evening, only to find the weapon presumably responsible for Elena’s death in his violin case.

Who put it there?

“You should be suspicious of everyone,” Jupe tells TV Insider. “At this point anyone could be a suspect. The reveal of the murder weapon disrupts our preconceived assumptions and highlights the fact that nothing is as it seems.”

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As for Jonathan’s major sociopath revelation, Grant, speaking to reporters, says that it’s a bit of a challenge to keep his character’s nature just under the surface while attempting to play it cool on the outside.

“You’re caught between two duties, really,” he says. “Actors have a duty to be absolutely true to their character, and to be doing, thinking, and feeling whatever they would be in that particular moment. [But] that’s not always the same duty as telling the story, particularly if it’s a mystery and a whodunit. It might give away something you don’t want given away here, and so there is a bit of push and pull between you and the director sometimes.”

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While fans may have learned the true nature of Jonathan in this episode, Jupe says not so fast: “Tere is 100 percent more to come,” he says.

“I always speak about the finale as being a separate journey entirely. It’s a solo movie in itself,” Jupe adds. “It ties up all loose ends from the earlier episodes, but then takes the story further and deeper. It definitely delivers.”

The Undoing, Season finale, Sunday, November 29, 9/8c, HBO