‘This Is Us’ Writers Debunk Season 5 Theory About Randall’s Mom

this is us season 5 laurel

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 5 Premiere of This Is Us, “Forty: Part 1” & “Forty: Part 2”]

This Is Us delivered one of its biggest twists yet in the Season 5 two-hour premiere, revealing what really happened to Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) biological mother Laurel (Jennifer C. Holmes) after his birth.

In the final moments of “Forty: Part 2,” viewers learn that Laurel survived the overdose that Randall’s father William (Jermel Nakia) believed to have killed her. The revelation spurred a number of social media fan theories about Laurel’s role in the show moving forward.

One such theory ties to another development from the premiere’s final moments — Randall is leaving therapist Dr. Leigh’s (Pamela Adlon) care to seek help from a Black therapist. “I need something different,” Randall tells Dr. Leigh on the phone during his ride back to his Philly from the Pearson family cabin. “I’m gonna make a change and find a Black therapist.”

Taking both big reveals into account, several viewers made an interesting prediction: Randall’s birth mother Laurel will end up being as his new therapist.

While it certainly seems on par with twists fans have come to know and love from the show, This Is Us writers are already debunking the theory.

this is us season 5 laurel

(Credit: NBC)

She is not going to end up as Randall’s therapist,” tweeted the official This Is Us Writers account following the premiere episode’s broadcast.

And don’t forget, Randall’s new therapist could always be a man. Creator Dan Fogelman told reporters that “he or she becomes a recurring part” in the series, adding that the role will start as soon as “the next episode.”

Whether Randall’s mother Laurel is still alive in the present remains to be seen, but he’s definitely going to have a new therapist soon — so who should play him or her? Considering the show’s history of standout guest stars, we know it’ll be someone great.

If Randall’s therapist is a woman, we’re dream-casting actresses like Lynn Whitfield, Loretta Divine, Octavia Spencer or Viola Davis. If it’s a man, how about Keith David, Dennis Haysbert or Louis Gossett Jr.? So many great options!

Don’t miss the possible therapist reveal as This Is Us Season 5 continues on NBC.

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