‘For Life’s Nicholas Pinnock on the Season 2 Premiere & Aaron’s Life Outside of Prison

For Life Season 2
ABC/Giovanni Rufino

Things are about to change for Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) on ABC’s For Life. After spending nine years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit — and using that time to become a defense attorney, successfully arguing for a retrial of his own case — he’s finally getting out.

But that doesn’t mean the road he’s traveling in Season 2 of the drama won’t be bumpy. “He’s still fighting for life, but he’s fighting for the life that he has outside of prison,” Pinnock explains. “It’s not all sunshine and flowers in the way he thought it would be.”

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Plus, 50 Cent could return as Cassius to tangle with the wrongfully convicted inmate.

Though the actor is hesitant to reveal the exact timing and circumstances of Aaron’s release, he hints that it happens early in the season and stems from the seemingly impossible deal that corrupt state attorney general Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver) offered him in May’s finale.

Once freed, he adds, Aaron is more committed than ever to exposing and righting the wrongs of an unjust legal system.

for life season 2 nicholas pinnock

Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino

One of his most important cases will be that of friend and fellow inmate Jamal Bishop (Dorian Missick), who’s serving time for killing his sister’s abusive husband. “That’s the case Aaron is hell-bent on winning,” Pinnock says. “But it [also] goes into more of the complex nature of who these men are to each other now that their lives are so very different.”

For Life, Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday, November 18, 10/9c, ABC